Gwadar Industrial Estate (GIE)

Government of Balouchistan launched free port Industrial zone at Gwadar about 38 Km from Main Jinnah Avenue. Due to huge demand and non-availability of land in the existing Shanakani Dar-E.P.Z (Export Processing Zone), the Gwadar Development Authority announced this project at Karwaat area in Gwadar. This Govt. Project is consisting of 2000-acres of land for industry purpose at the cost of Rs 15 lakh per acre. In 1st Phase Govt. of Balochistan has only allotted 1000-acres land for industrial purpose and its 2nd Phase is kept for expansion in future.

Gwadar Industrial Estate Map



The procedure of initial application was simple. But, presently there are NO New allotments taking place. Individuals interested to apply for the plot were supposed to submit an application to the PROJECT DIRECTOR INDUSTRIAL ZONE GWADAR. The authority issued them an application form, which was filled and returned to the Project Director with a pay order of Rs one lakh down payment. The approved applicants have to pay remaining amount in 8 equal installments (each installment is 01 lakh 75 thousands).

It is another superb project by Govt. of Balochistan. 1st One was Sangar, 2nd Newtown and this Free port Industrial Estate is the 3rd Government Project. We suggest investors to make investments in this Industrial Estate, for better prospects and business avenues. The project is secure, and much more economical than any other Private Industrial schemes announced. GIE project is close to an early completion, and the shortage of Industrial/Warehouse plots has increased the Premium on the plots price. Industrialists, Investors who were initially allotted plots are now (Feb’07) asking 4-5 lakh Rupees premium on the booking price.

Magsi is the Project director, and his office is located at Sidco Avenue Centre, Stanchen Road, opposite YMCA Karachi. Consultant Group is again here, and it is the same consultant who is doing development at Sangar. Development work is going on at full pace, and NOC’s for various Industrial units are being issued.


Gwadar Industrial Estate
Work in Progress

Newspaper scans for GIE:


Power Supply to GIE


Industrial Estate for Investors

Hammerhead in Gwadar

Gwadar is famous for 3-things: fishing village, 5-star hotel on the hammerhead, and the famous Gwadar port, which was opened in 2007 by General President Chief Executive Pervez Musharraf. .

Gwadar port was “finally” built by the assistance of China. It is situated on a 3 very important cross-road: oil rich Middle East, Central Asian Countries, and Pakistan. The plan for this port was to facilitate trade and accessibility to Central Asian countries via Afghanistan. But situation in Afghanistan has resulted in this plan not materializing.

A good vantage point is to view this port is from the Pearl Continental Hotel which is situated on top of the hammerhead. PC can arrange a tour of the port if one wants to go and see it.

Kalmaat Creek

A beautiful place having creek with 5×4 kilometer dimension is located about 65 kilometers from Pasni  toward  Karachi.  There  is  a  link road from main coastal highway to this village. Presently there is non mettle but Govt. has planned to construct a mettle road. After construction of this road the distance will be about 10 kilometer from main  coastal  road,  thus  total  distance will   come   from   Pasni   about      75 kilometer, from Gwadar, it is about 187 kilometer.

Still settlement is not done at here, due to which land cost is very low, but the land  owner  has  legal  documents  with them   and    there   is    some   registry procedure after making the payment of Govt.

required fee. But one thing is important to note  here that at the time when  settlement will be completed, Khatoni  will be issued to the original land owner;  however  on  the basis of  sale agreement and registry, its transfer could be done.

There is a risky element factor but while buying the cheap land, risk is always there. According to my own observation this place is more beautiful than Gwadar west bay or any area on our coast. This place will be good for   tourism and sea food industry. At here one thing is more   interesting for general public and that is an Astola Island close to this place.


Astola Island    6 kilometer long and 200 feet high is located on south of coast at a distance about 15 miles from  Kalmaat creek and about 40 kilometers from Pasni. Kalmaat is the closet point to reach Astola. This is a good place for tourism industry and people can visit here in all season except high tide season of monsoon. Pictures and map can be seen at here.


(i) House Building finance Corporation has opened its office in Gwadar to facilitate the local, question is that, Is there any benefit to local poor native and they will be able to pay the installments? Answer is a big NO.  Keeping in view the terms and conditions of HBFC, even if they allow the loan without interest even then it will be difficult for poor Gwadar natives to Pay. Then who will get benefit of it? Only those who already collected lot  of money. If Govt. is  serious then launch a low  cost project  (free) because I don’t think that gwadar poor are able to pay even just few thousand.

(ii) HBFC is restricting to give advance only to locals, not to any person belong to any of other province. If this policy continued then HBFC could not play active role for Gwadar Development. I suggest it should be extend to all and allow the loan as per their  criteria,  in  this  way  they  can  generate  funds  and  also  could  participate  in Gwadar development. If this facility is extended to all Pakistani citizen even village in other part of Pakistan then why not in Gwadar for all Pakistani citizen holding land at there. I also suggest this facility should be extended to the investor as well.

Deep Sea Port

Port work was started in March 2002, and its Phase-I was completed in March 2005. Due to delay in finalizing ports operation contract, and to complete the other required civil infrastructure works its inauguration which was due in March 2005, got delayed. Now the Port operator contract is awarded to a Singapore Company (Port Singapore Authority) and inauguration date is announced, hopefully it will take place well before the announced date of 23rd March 2007.

Expected date of inauguration for the Gwadar Free Trade Port is 20th March 2007. President, alongwith Prime Minister of Pakistan, and China’s communication Minister will do the honors. Sources in Gwadar tell that all concerned departments are fully engaged to complete their job and to prepare the port for Inauguration. Representative of Singapore has already taken control of ports operation and assets.

What will be the expectation after ports inauguration? We think this question will be in the mind of each Pakistani and investor. Soon after the Inauguration, there will not be enough business because still many things are required to do. i.e. road link to Rato Daro which is being constructed in four sections, most of the road black top work is completed, but still work on many bridges is going-on, it

is expected this work will be completed soon and road link with main highway will be available. It will be a huge achievement, and we can say that

1st time gwadar through road link will be connected with Punjab and NWFP.

The other main thing which will be needed is Port express way (Demi Zer), which starts from port and will meet at main coastal road near Surbander having length of 14 kilometers. This road is on the east of Gwadar along the beach and goes around the Koh e Medhi muddy hill. Land acquiring by Government for this purpose is already in the process, and related Notices have been issued to the Public.


Notification No 1018-28 dated 20th Dec’06:

1100 Acres in Shanakani Dar and Surbandar in following Khasras:-

Shankani Dar 269 acres  (For Creation of National Logistics Cell – NLC)

Khasra No 246 min, 146 min 247min 145, 248 144 min 244 min

Surbandar 831 acres  : 59/1, 59/2 and 59/3


Notification No 1043-55 dated 20th Dec’06: (For Port Expressway)

77 acres for Expressway- Navy Ward;- 7 acres 3 min, 23 min, 20/1, 12 min, 29 min, 12/1 min 28


Door Ghetti 26 acres : 176 min, 177 min, 295 min 207 min, 209 min,173 min, 174 min, 171 min,

93 min, 186 min, 97 min, 172 min, 178 min,

Shankani Dar 27 acres  : 246 min, 236 to 239 min and 244 min.

Surbandar 15 acre: 59/9 min, 59/4 min, 59/11 min


The 3rd thing which is most important is the availability of warehouses; a few of them are now under construction at Gwadar Industrial Estate (GIE). Hopefully, many from public sector will construct such accommodation on land closely available with the port.  Overall if things go in the right direction, then the Gwadar Free Trade ports operation will be in full swing within a period of

1-2 years. However, transit facilities will be available and this work will start soon after inauguration. The investors who had already managed the land in nearby vicinity to construct the ware houses will be benefited. Although land close to the port is costly but after ports operation warehouses will be needed close to the port. (i.e areas like Shanakani Dar)

Entertainment Projects

Hashawani group acquired a piece of land on south-west edge
 of the hill, close to Phase-IV(Commercial). They have plans to build a resort and to construct a beautiful picnic spot at here, work for it has started. It is close to Phase-IV commercial and to the site of other 14 resorts (each resort has the two acres land).  2-6 Soon there will be a good life on this part of the hill, which will attract the tourist. If, the Sangar Management issues NOC  for  construction,  soon  many  will  start  construction  at here. Management is also thinking like this; hope soon they will manage  desalination  plant and electricity, so that people could start the construction work.


Sangar Housing Project was initiated in 1992, by the then Chief Minister Baluchistan Taj Mohammad Jamali and DC Gwadar Jan Mohammad Dashti. Land measuring 1000 acres was allotted for this project for Phase-I and II, residential plots having sizes of 1000sq/yd, 600sq/yd and 400 sq/yd and commercial 1000 sq/yd were allotted, initial cost with development charges was Rs 24400/- for 400 sq/yd, Rs 34500/- for 600 sq/yd, Rs 55000/- for 1000 sq/yd and Rs 90000/- for 1000 commercial plot. Muslim Commercial bank Gwadar Branch played an active role in it. Keeping in view the demand, this project was further extended to    Phase-III, III-B, and Phase-IV (commercial) and additional land measuring 1500 acres is allotted. Presently this project have total land

2500 acres, all Phases have been covered by constructing a ring road of 132 feet in 1996-97 (now Management is planning to construct it again as dual carriage road(having proper pavement) with an estimated cost of 260 million). It is good to mention here that all land presently covered by ring road is plane land and each location has good sea view.

Major Development  work  of this project is completed. An underground  water 2-3-2tank having the capacity of 0.2 million gallon water  is there in port area, a 10 inches pipe line have been laid down up to PIA  office    further  linking of this line to public health main line (providing supply from Akra dam) is pending. Four inches pipe line   from underground tank is connected to the overhead tank at sangar in Phase-I., from overhead tank 5 inches main line goes to the society; connection of 3 inches line from  society main line is there for general public use. After operation of this pipe line and installation of desalination plant there will be the alternate facility of water supply, one from Ackra Kor Dam and other through desalination plant. Similarly sewerage main line is  8 inches  and  6 inches pipe line connection is there for each plot.  All these lines have alreadybeen laid down since 1997 same can be viewed personally. Road work is completed in all phases. In 2005 and 2006 out side of ring road (north side) some more plots have been marked on the map (known as fresh cutting plot)  are located in un-developed area.

Till 2000 being no attraction for investors, getting allotment was not difficult but 2-3-3after  stone  breaking ceremony of port  and coastal  highway investors from all parts  of the  country rushed here due to which this project gained value and prices suddenly rose up many fold. In early 2004, average price of a plot was from10 lakh to 22 lakh (residential plots), where as in February 2005 it was from

20 lakh to 48 lakh for residential where as 1000 sq/yd commercial was sold at

75 lakh. Due to some reason Govt. cancelled this  project in December 2003. Few allottees approached to Baluchistan high court. Honorable court cancelled

Govt. notification and ordered to constitute a committee. Mohterma Zubaida Jilal (federal Minister) and Syed Ehsan Shah (Provincial Minister) were in committee. Committee gave the recommendation in favor of allottees.  Due to some reservations from revenue department (that allotment have been made to non local whereas this project was specific for locals only), case was referred to law division.

Objection of the revenue department overruled by the law division with the decision that any Pakistan can purchase land any where in any part of Pakistan. Being no other reason ban was lifted and project was restored in June 2004.

decision is being pasted below.


Gwadar (Sangar) Housing Scheme Restored: 6/27/2004

Quetta, June 26: The  Baluchistan  Government has  withdrawn the cancellation orders of Sangar  Housing Scheme in December 2003. The announcement about the schemes restoration was made by the provincial Finance Minister Syed Ehsan Shah. Quote Sangar housing scheme has been restored in the larger interest of the people unquote,  he  told this correspondent.  The committee 2-3-4

constituted for reviewing losses sustained by the allotees of the scheme, had recommended restoration of the housing scheme in April 2004. Around 4000 residential and commercial plots  were allotted to politicians, army officials, businessmen, defense  and federal agencies and the general public in the Sangar Housing Scheme in the early 1990s when the scheme was announced by the then deputy commissioner of Gwadar district, Jan Muhammad Dashti

Source:  Dawn .”

Gwadar Master Plan

If you see the master plan it is divided into two parts, one is residential and other is commercial.  If  we  start  from  Kohi-e-  Batal  i.e.  Sangar  from  South  end  of  existing Gwadar Town, we’ll see the Main Jinnah Avenue boulevard. The existing population is not shown on this master plan, which means that the population in future planning will be shifted to some other places.


Snapshot of Gwadar Masterplan

Its site has also been marked on the map at east of Surbander and at Peshkan. Most of GDA development work is going on in residential area. After studying the road design of GDA it seems that Gwadar will be a most modern city of Pakistan as may be better than Islamabad city. Please read all this in coming lines.

Gwadar Expected Future

No one can predict about the future of anything. Almighty ALLAH knows better about tomorrow. But one can plan for it to get the better future. Having said that all present indicators, Governments interests, China’s investments, foreign countries keen interests, and mega developments that have taken place recently at Gwadar all points towards a very successful and economically strong city of Gwadar. A common man can think which things are needed for development and to boost the economy, that are; –

Water, electricity, Sui Gas, Telephone, Road links, communication, education, medical facilities, and political stability are the basic things to grow economy. Almost all things are there and present Gwadar is way much better then its past of 2001.

On the other hand all other facilities are being provided, Govt. is spending billions of dollars at Gwadar on Roads Development, Water Desalination plants for the population of  Gwadar,  Govt  is  already  constructing  Mirani  Dam  since  last  two  years.  After completion  of  it  there  will  be  no  problem  of  water  for  all  Makran  areas.  In communication sector PTCL is already there and many other private companies working there. Fiber Optic cable network has already been laid out along with the coastal highway from Karachi towards Gwadar city. In the upcoming months ISP’s and  Communication companies  will  start  providing  their  services  to  the  Residential  and  Commercial customers of the emerging tourist/business trade city. It is matter of understanding that Gwadar being a new born city will be in a much better shape in coming years. We too think that Gwadar future is bright and if people hold their investment in Gwadar for some period will surely gain big bucks. And its future will be much better then its present.

After stone breaking ceremony of Coastal High Way and Deep Sea Port, Gwadar took a turn, and diverted the attention of people/investors from all over the world. Land prices jumped up 100 times. Up till February of  2005 sale/purchase happened there about

40×100 km areas. Till date about 70 residential and commercial housing projects have been announced (Having GDA NOC) and Gov’t has also granted a huge amount of Rs 134 Billions for Gwadar’s development.

New Master that starts from Newtown Phase-I has the following High Potential and Hot Business Areas at start:

1)          Main Jinnah Avenue Road

2)          Airport Road

3)          West Bay sea side

4)          Governments Sangar Housing Scheme

5)          Governments Gwadar Industrial Estate

6)          Shankani  Dar  Industrial  Area  (close   to  Balochistan  Broadway/Coastal


All other areas of the GDA Masterplan do have the potential but it will take some time, but above stated areas will gain a lot of business soon after port is operational.


After 2001

Remarkable and Huge Progress which is seen today’s Gwadar is as follows:-

1)Coastal Highway is completed and is in operation now since last year and a half, now people can travel on this road. Roadwork is done by FWO and they only know how difficult it was to construct a 600-kilometer long road. Every one has to appreciate their work, which was completed before given time period. It is very fine and comfortable to travel. It is interesting that there is no security risk while traveling on this road any time. After operation of this now people could reach from Gwadar to Karachi easily with in 7 hours by their own conveyance and 9 hours through public transport by spending Rs.500/- only.

4-2                      Beautiful Makran Coastal Highway (600 km long).

4-2-2                           Another view of MCH. Constructed by F.W.O

2)Now all eatable/daily use items are  reaching Gwadar easily by road from Karachi.

3)PTCL/Fiber Optic service is available and most of cell phone companies

(Mobilink, Ufone, Warid Telecom) are now operational at  Gwadar. Airport road is constructed and now it’s a double road. GDA is also working on many others roads. You will read   detail of it in coming paragraphs.

4)Branches  of  all  National  and  Multi-national  Banks  (Bank  Alfalah,  Habib Bank, MCB, NBP, etc..) are operating in Gwadar city.

5)Electricity  is  available now for 24 hrs without any interruption, and Power Grid stations are under construction for Govt. Gwadar Industrial Estate, and Sangar Housing Project at Mountain top.

6)          Sui gas pipeline has been laid down and its main station is built at Door Ghatti.

4-2-3                                        SSGC Billboard @ Main Market

4-2-4                                          Suigas pipe network under progress

About 2000 connection is being given to local’s native in 1st Phase. Formal Inauguration is expected to be done by President Musharraf.

7)         Many beautiful houses are  being constructed at there. You may view the picture of few of them in Newtown Phase-1

4-2-5 4-2-6                                       Some Houses in Newtown Phase-1

8)          Beside Akra Dam that is already there, rapid work on Mirani Dam is going on. After completion of it there will be enough water for Gwadar and also for all areas in Makran for drinking and irrigation purposes.

9)         Ground plus four stories Zaver PC hotel is near completion and expected inauguration by May 2006.

10)       One of the Mega Projects is Deep-Sea Port Phase-I which is completed and will be in operation in June this Year.  It’s worth mentioning that by the Mid of Feb 2006, the Port operator for this port will be finalized. Bidders are Hong Kong Port Holdings, DP World, PICT and two companies from Saudi Arabia.



Before 2001

Every one who visited Gwadar before 2001,  know well that there was nothing to see except beautiful sea, desert and Gwadar town which was way backward than any of the undeveloped  villages  in  Punjab.  There  was  no  regular  electricity  in  the  past  except through generators, and it was arranged for ten hours in a day. There was no Mettled road in the whole district Gwadar except 13-kilometer road which too was in bad condition being many creators on it. There was no proper traveling system to reach Karachi or other parts of the country except by air. If anyone who wanted to go to Karachi or any other parts of the country and couldn’t afford air travel had to travel on improper roads. One can imagine how miserable it is to travel about 600 kilometers on kacha road in desert. And incase of rain it took many weeks. All eatable items come there from Iran.  There was no proper system of education, hospital or employment.  The One, and only source of income was fishing. The people of all Makran area were living in miserable condition, whereas the people living in urban areas cannot think about it.

Gwadar Development Authority

I myself observed this department even very new but is working very well and their cooperation is highly appreciated. During our visit we cannot meet the D.G GDA. But what we asking the other officials they provided us. GDA role is same like CDA in Islamabad. Before my previous visit I visited Gwadar in Feb 05. At that time GDA just started the work at Main Jinnah Avenue Road but during our recent visit we saw a lot of development, which will be discussed here  in coming paragraphs. If all other Govt Departments in Gwadar work on the line of GDA, I think Gwadar development will be completed in very early stage.

Private Projects – Golden Palms (By Hashoo Group)

Private Projects – Golden Palms (By Hashoo Group)




Courtesy: Golden
Palms / Wajahat


 Golden Palms

Owner and
NOC #:

East Bay
– Marine Drive / Padizar Blvd

Corner Analysis:

GC Articles


A decent
project by a renowned developer.

available services for this Project:

New Town Housing/Commercial Project

Newtown Housing Project 1st Phase was launched first time in 1986, this project was purely for locals. Initially, very nominal charges were paid for 500 sq/yd and 1000 sq/yd Residential Plots. Almost more then 50% area at here is populated now and all basic facilities are available, i.e. electricity, drinking water and telephone. Thereafter Phase-II. III, IV-A and Phase IV-B were announced. Phase-II and III is also allotted to locals whereas in Phase-IV, some plot were allotted to the people out side of Balouchistan. It is surprising that these plots were allotted only on the payment of Rs five to ten thousand. This Housing Project works under the supervision of DCO Gwadar. All Record of plots file is available in DCO office Gwadar.

In this Project plots having size of 500 sq/yd, 1000 sq/yd Residential and Commercial are there, later on in 2004 some Plots having size of 400 sq/yd were also allotted, but not so far site is selected/marked. Maps of Newtown Phase-I and II are available, where as there is no Map in the market of Phase III and IV, may be, it is available with concerned office. But the Plot having size of 500 sq/yd and 1000 sq/yd are authenticated and site has been marked. A sketch in this regard is posted here; one can view it by enlarging it and can see the exact site of any Phase. It is not an official sketch but just for information of general public. According to present planning Phase –I is located at Airport Road. Phase-III on it other side (west sea side) of Phase-I, Phase- IV –A is located at the North of Phase-III, then there is Phase-II and at last Phase-IV-B in the same line. All Newtown area is prime land and it will be the first face of new Gwadar.

Main Jinnah Avenue Secondary Road starts from Phase-I, after cutting corner of Phase-VI-A , IV-B and passing in the center of phase –II, it finally meets the Main Coastal Highway at a point between Chap Kalamati and Jorkan about 5 kilometers from Zero point.

Transfer Procedure:-

At here transfer is very simple. One who purchases the Plot should submit the sale agreement along with required document; But all documents should be completed and Thesildar should endorse sale agreement. A Duplicate copy on same allotment paper is issued in the name of purchaser and old original copy is placed in the said office file for record. Purchaser should get the original receipt of the amount deposited in the bank by the original allottee .It will be helpful in case the file is lost or missing, on basis of the duplicate copy of allotment order and receipt, a
fresh new file could be prepared.

After the planning of Main Jinnah Avenue Secondary Road , old design of Newtown is disturbed, but the new design is much better and it gives much importance to it, It is expected that after completion of Main Jinnah Avenue Secondary Road, which is about 300 feet wide and its length is about 20 kilometer (approx), it will be costly area. Both sides of the Road , there is a commercial plots line. Despite of how long it takes, but when it’s completed INSHALLAH, it will be like Blue Area in ISLAMABAD, and people living in Islamabad knows the value of blue area. So it is prime land for commercial point of view. The work of Main Jinnah Avenue Secondary Road is started by GDA and is in progress, Govt. is making sufficient funds in this regard.

Past Market Price of Plots:-
(May 2006 update pending)

500 sq/yd (R) = 12.5 lacs
1000 sq/yd (R) = 25 lacs

500 sq/yd (R) = 10 lacs
1000 sq/yd (R) = 13 lacs

500 sq/yd commercial is about 25 lakhs and 1000 sq/yd commercial is about 45-lac, same prices are for the plots of phase-I which lies at Airport road.

Newtown Phase-1

Newtown Phase-2

GC Related Article(s):

Sangar Res-Comm. Project

Sangar housing project is a Government of Balouchistan project, announced in early 1990 by the then Dy Commissioner Jan Muhammad Dashti, and development work started in 1992. It is a unique project and there is no alternate of it. We can compare it with any project not only in Pakistan, but may be in Asia. This project is on a hill known as Koh–e-Batal and it has 7 km (L) x 2.5 km (W) x 280 feet (H). Its east, west & south sides have sea and at north is Gwadar town. Due to sea on its three sides no dust could reach here. It is quite and calm area far away from any disturbances. DCO Gwadar is the Project Director, who was in power to give the provisional allotment. A Consultant group is also hired. All contracts for the development of project is awarded to a firm M/S SECO based at Karachi.

At initial stage 1st phase of the project took place with the cooperation of Muslim Commercial Bank Gwadar Branch. There were plots having size of 400 sq/yd, 600 sq/yd and 1000 sq/yd residential soon project got famous and it attracts people all over Pakistan. Most of the locals sold out their plots to non-locals and due to lack of interest of locals many peoples all over Pakistan got allotment and get possession order from DCO after payment of all dues. But even then till 2000 this project was not so famous like other Housing projects in Pakistan’s urban areas. The people only got allotment of plots due to its beautiful sea view and speedily development work at there. Almost all development work in Phase-I was completed up till 1997. Thereafter, many people requested for allotment and showed their interest at here, keeping in view of public demand Phase-II, Phase-III and Phase-IV were announced.

Sangar Housing Scheme – Sea view

After the stone breaking ceremony of deep water port and Coastal High way the project got famous and prices of a commercial plot shot up to 70 lakhs in 2003. Due to the hike in price, it attracted many people and also the native of Balouchistan showed their graveness that why others got the plot. Govt. cancelled the scheme in November 2003. There was lot of investment of people, who were allotted plots in 1992 or thereafter and some people also purchased the plot at very high cost. Few of allottees went to the Balochistan High Court against Govt. decision. Court took a decision in favor of allottees and restored the Society on 27 June 2004. After court decision being no hurdles people started buying the plots, but there was another hurdle that DCO could not transfer the plot in absence of proper transfer notification. Ultimately in 1st week of February 2005 Notification for transfer of plot at Sangar was issued. Consultant Group also announced and
published in newspapers that proper transfer will took place by 9th April 2005. They advised the people to submit their case for transfer.


DCO is the project Director of that project; he hired a Consultant Group, who helps him with the planning and other related work. The office of the C.G is located in Karachi. May be it will be shifted to Gwadar when proper transfer procedure took place. Their Representative is also present at Gwadar.

Construction Site


ECO is a firm, which develops the Sangar housing Project, Its work is really appreciated, and its base camp is there in Sangar.


Presently in Sangar there are about 4000 residential and commercial plots. It is divide into four phases. If you see the map below, you will find at top street numbers. Street A to D is commercial Phase. At here 1000 sq/yd, and in Acres commercial plots have been allotted. The Plot for Resorts having size of 2 Acre is also allotted at south view. D to F is Phase-III-B Residential .E to H is Phase-III residential and space at here is provide for commercial plot, Mosque, Park, boys and Girls school. H to K is Phase-II Residential. At here 600 sq/yd and 100 sq/yd residential and Space for Park. Some provision of commercial plot is made at North view. K to T all is Phase-I. Here 400 sq/yd, 600 sq/yd and 1000 sq/yd residential plot are allotted. At here there is provision of 1000-sq/yd commercial plots, Hospital, Sports, Park, Ground Boys and Girls College.

Construction Site


In Phase-I PC Hotel is under construction since last 18 Months and hopefully it will start functioning by July 2006.

Zaver PC Hotel in 2004

Zaver PC Hotel in Dec 2005

Due to construction of PC hotel the plot in street P , Q , R and S got Famous and there prices are much higher then other plots in this society.

Sangar Map Structural Division


Road working all Phase is completed. Under ground Sewerage, water work in Phase-I is almost done. Main water pipe line work up to Sangar is completed Over head
tank in Phase-I is there and remaining two over head tank will be constructed in due course of time. So far electricity and telephone work is not done over there.


Presently the status of file is as: –

  1. A number of people got allotment order. In that order PDS number is given, but with the condition to deposit the money. If anyone failed to deposit money after getting PDS allotment order then such allotment automatically stands cancelled, therefore such PDS number has no value.
  2. The 2nd category of file, for which amount is deposited, but still plot is not allotted. Such file stands value but after allotment of plot.
  3. The 3rd category of file, for which full payment is deposited and all document action is completed, even plot is also allotted but the file is not delivered to the concerned.
  4. The last category of file, which is fully completed and file handed over to the allottee. In that file there is an allotment order/possession letter dully signed by DC/DCO with site map. Such kind of plots can be purchased without any fear or doubts.

  5. Water Tower @ Sangar

    TRANSFER FEE / Development Charges:

    According to news published in newspapers the transfer fee is as under: –
    (May ’06 Fresh update pending)
    400 sq/yd = Rs 20000/-
    600 sq/yd = Rs 30000/-
    1000 sq/yd (Residential) = Rs50000/-
    1000 sq/yd (commercial) = One lac


    Presently market is slow and below then expectation, the main reason is due to delay in transfer of plots and the other thing peoples diverted their attention to purchase the land in acres instead of plot. Anyhow now transfer process is started and hopefully prices will rise up 25% to 50 % in the next few months. Past Market rates are below: (May ’06 Fresh update pending)

    1. 400 sq/yd Residential = 22 lacs +
    2. 600 sq/yd Residential = 26 lacs +
    3. 1000 sq/yd Residential Phase-I, street P to S = 50 lacs +
    4. 1000 sq/yd Residential Phase-I street K to O = 45 lacs +
    5. 1000 sq/yd Residential Phase-II = 40 lacs +
    6. 1000 sq/yd Residential Phase-III & III-B = 35 lacs +
    7. 1000 sq/yd Commercial = 65 lacs +

    Sangar Map






    Media-cuttings for Sangar:

    Singar Housing Scheme

    Singar Housing Scheme


Already enough detail have been posted about this Govt. project at brief one like to get the plot at here, is advised to get the plot after verification from the DCO office gwadar. If it confirmed from there then do the buying. Maps of its all four Phases have been posted at web page. If one gets the authenticated plot then he is not at loosing end. As it is concerned about the plot price it varies at different timing, plot in Phase –1 are costly then Phase IV. The price cannot be quoted being variation in market. It will be posted separately at