After, Koh e Baatil Hill, this bay is one of the  beautiful places, sea at  here is not deep and is pollution free, one can have a quality time enjoying here. Along the west bay there is a fish harbor road which starts from the Government Guest House and goes to the Harbor/port/sangar. Most of the Govt. offices are located on this road.

This   road   links   to   Main   Jinnah Avenue  Road in Newtown, and the existing old town road at PIA office. Marine Drive and Pedi Zer Roads are being constructed on the west of Guest House having 20 km planned length.  Adjacent  to  Guest  House Creek  city,  Golden  Palms  and Globbiz     Avenue     have     been announced. Newtown Phase-1 west end also touches this   bay. Guest house   is   known   as        Governor House.