This Project was started in 1992 by the then Dpty Commissioner Jan Muhammad Dashti at nominal charges; Due to its best location, sea view and security arrangements its attracted many peoples all over Pakistan. , it got so famous that Govt. of Balouchistan announces its
2nd, 3rd and subsequently its 4th (commercial) phases. Till 2000 before announcement of deep sea port all Plot at here were booked, after announcement of Coastal Highway and deep sea port its price rise 100 time then its original cost, due to which many hindrances came there but ultimately Balouchistan High Court took a decision and rights of ownership were given to allottee and now this project is totally risk free. One can buy the plot at here, it is short-term investment and one can get profit in week or month. It is expected that after operation of deep-sea port plot at here will be very costly.

Presently approach road goes at Sangar from Fish Harbor Road, which will be Deep Sea port Road in future. Keeping in view the port security it is expected that an alternate access will be given to this Housing project. But it is very clear that if we consider security point of view it is the one safest place in Pakistan. It is polluted free being 280 feet high from sea level, no dust could reach to it and surrounded by sea from its three side.

Now days the rates of plot at here are at it lowest level, so the best time for buyer but in few month may be in September the prices will grow. Sangar is a unique project of its kind and there is no alternate of it anywhere in Pakistan even in Asia. Along the west bank of sea some Housing societies are offering the plot Having size not more then 500 sq/yd to 1000 sq/yd 35 lac to 75 lac even the commercial plot in crore and people are buying being on installment, but the people do not think how much time it will take to come at the present stage of Sangar, I suggest why not people go on investment in a safer and developed Govt. project being in their reach.