Sangar housing project is a Government of Balouchistan project, announced in early 1990 by the then Dy Commissioner Jan Muhammad Dashti, and development work started in 1992. It is a unique project and there is no alternate of it. We can compare it with any project not only in Pakistan, but may be in Asia. This project is on a hill known as Koh–e-Batal and it has 7 km (L) x 2.5 km (W) x 280 feet (H). Its east, west & south sides have sea and at north is Gwadar town. Due to sea on its three sides no dust could reach here. It is quite and calm area far away from any disturbances. DCO Gwadar is the Project Director, who was in power to give the provisional allotment. A Consultant group is also hired. All contracts for the development of project is awarded to a firm M/S SECO based at Karachi.

At initial stage 1st phase of the project took place with the cooperation of Muslim Commercial Bank Gwadar Branch. There were plots having size of 400 sq/yd, 600 sq/yd and 1000 sq/yd residential soon project got famous and it attracts people all over Pakistan. Most of the locals sold out their plots to non-locals and due to lack of interest of locals many peoples all over Pakistan got allotment and get possession order from DCO after payment of all dues. But even then till 2000 this project was not so famous like other Housing projects in Pakistan’s urban areas. The people only got allotment of plots due to its beautiful sea view and speedily development work at there. Almost all development work in Phase-I was completed up till 1997. Thereafter, many people requested for allotment and showed their interest at here, keeping in view of public demand Phase-II, Phase-III and Phase-IV were announced.

Sangar Housing Scheme – Sea view

After the stone breaking ceremony of deep water port and Coastal High way the project got famous and prices of a commercial plot shot up to 70 lakhs in 2003. Due to the hike in price, it attracted many people and also the native of Balouchistan showed their graveness that why others got the plot. Govt. cancelled the scheme in November 2003. There was lot of investment of people, who were allotted plots in 1992 or thereafter and some people also purchased the plot at very high cost. Few of allottees went to the Balochistan High Court against Govt. decision. Court took a decision in favor of allottees and restored the Society on 27 June 2004. After court decision being no hurdles people started buying the plots, but there was another hurdle that DCO could not transfer the plot in absence of proper transfer notification. Ultimately in 1st week of February 2005 Notification for transfer of plot at Sangar was issued. Consultant Group also announced and
published in newspapers that proper transfer will took place by 9th April 2005. They advised the people to submit their case for transfer.


DCO is the project Director of that project; he hired a Consultant Group, who helps him with the planning and other related work. The office of the C.G is located in Karachi. May be it will be shifted to Gwadar when proper transfer procedure took place. Their Representative is also present at Gwadar.

Construction Site


ECO is a firm, which develops the Sangar housing Project, Its work is really appreciated, and its base camp is there in Sangar.


Presently in Sangar there are about 4000 residential and commercial plots. It is divide into four phases. If you see the map below, you will find at top street numbers. Street A to D is commercial Phase. At here 1000 sq/yd, and in Acres commercial plots have been allotted. The Plot for Resorts having size of 2 Acre is also allotted at south view. D to F is Phase-III-B Residential .E to H is Phase-III residential and space at here is provide for commercial plot, Mosque, Park, boys and Girls school. H to K is Phase-II Residential. At here 600 sq/yd and 100 sq/yd residential and Space for Park. Some provision of commercial plot is made at North view. K to T all is Phase-I. Here 400 sq/yd, 600 sq/yd and 1000 sq/yd residential plot are allotted. At here there is provision of 1000-sq/yd commercial plots, Hospital, Sports, Park, Ground Boys and Girls College.

Construction Site


In Phase-I PC Hotel is under construction since last 18 Months and hopefully it will start functioning by July 2006.

Zaver PC Hotel in 2004

Zaver PC Hotel in Dec 2005

Due to construction of PC hotel the plot in street P , Q , R and S got Famous and there prices are much higher then other plots in this society.

Sangar Map Structural Division


Road working all Phase is completed. Under ground Sewerage, water work in Phase-I is almost done. Main water pipe line work up to Sangar is completed Over head
tank in Phase-I is there and remaining two over head tank will be constructed in due course of time. So far electricity and telephone work is not done over there.


Presently the status of file is as: –

  1. A number of people got allotment order. In that order PDS number is given, but with the condition to deposit the money. If anyone failed to deposit money after getting PDS allotment order then such allotment automatically stands cancelled, therefore such PDS number has no value.
  2. The 2nd category of file, for which amount is deposited, but still plot is not allotted. Such file stands value but after allotment of plot.
  3. The 3rd category of file, for which full payment is deposited and all document action is completed, even plot is also allotted but the file is not delivered to the concerned.
  4. The last category of file, which is fully completed and file handed over to the allottee. In that file there is an allotment order/possession letter dully signed by DC/DCO with site map. Such kind of plots can be purchased without any fear or doubts.
  5. Water Tower @ Sangar

    TRANSFER FEE / Development Charges:

    According to news published in newspapers the transfer fee is as under: –
    (May ’06 Fresh update pending)
    400 sq/yd = Rs 20000/-
    600 sq/yd = Rs 30000/-
    1000 sq/yd (Residential) = Rs50000/-
    1000 sq/yd (commercial) = One lac


    Presently market is slow and below then expectation, the main reason is due to delay in transfer of plots and the other thing peoples diverted their attention to purchase the land in acres instead of plot. Anyhow now transfer process is started and hopefully prices will rise up 25% to 50 % in the next few months. Past Market rates are below: (May ’06 Fresh update pending)

    1. 400 sq/yd Residential = 22 lacs +
    2. 600 sq/yd Residential = 26 lacs +
    3. 1000 sq/yd Residential Phase-I, street P to S = 50 lacs +
    4. 1000 sq/yd Residential Phase-I street K to O = 45 lacs +
    5. 1000 sq/yd Residential Phase-II = 40 lacs +
    6. 1000 sq/yd Residential Phase-III & III-B = 35 lacs +
    7. 1000 sq/yd Commercial = 65 lacs +

    Sangar Map






    Media-cuttings for Sangar:

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    Singar Housing Scheme