It is difficult  to visit each project,  and to update the people about the latest developments. Although, the development process on the part of private developers is slow, but it is expected that some famous developers will complete the project well in time. It is a basic responsibility of the buyer to ask their developers about the status of development before paying the development charges, and installments.


Sabzi Mandi is located close to Door Ghetti on the north of Koh e Mehdi. The site location is fine. Its construction work is started and it is hoped that with the passage of time it will carry weight. There is nothing to worry at here and investors those who booked anything here looks in safe hands. I don’t know what will be the output of management but if they pay due attention this place has worth value. At present, not much resale is happening here, and the investors who bought plots here have to wait for a while

in  order  to  get  profits.  But,  its recommended to have your own business  setup  here,  instead  of resale.


Commercial high-rises at here will be good, and residential  projects will  take  little  more  time.  Some development works activities are observed in  Golden Palms. It is expected  that  being  the  project Hashoo  Group  there   will  be  a good level  of development up to the entire  satisfaction of allottees

at here.   Construction of PC hotel is a proof of their good work and token of love with Gwadar. Re-sale gains in Golden Palms or any of the other projects at here will take place with timely developments, and completions.


The Sites for both of these projects are at ideal locations (being close to the existing airport road and main Jinnah avenue road). Development work in new world city is in progress and they are offering construction NOC’s to the allottees. In this regard they have also fixed a notice board on site. It is expected that both these projects will gain re-sale value soon. There is nothing to worry for those who invested at here.


All projects announced out of the existing GDA Master Plan comes under long term investments, and therefore people must keep this in mind  while investing in  such areas. At this  stage it is difficult to mention the time period but existing Master plan will take due time to be populated. It depends upon the circumstances, but keeping in view the future activities after port operation, airport, industrial  zone, oil refinery, energy  corridor, petroleum Industry etc, it is  expected that there will be urgent need of skilled and unskilled labor, therefore, low cost hosing projects close to port, airport,  industrial areas will  gain  value. Any how the projects on  Main coastal  highway anywhere will gain value.