(i)   Presently, there is a link road to this project from 2-5 fish harbor/port road. Keeping in view very close to port there will be an independent separate road to this project, which will directly go to the hill from west bay turning point toward fish harbor/port road at the corner of the hill, this road will meet at Sangar at Phase-III probably at LM Street. Therefore in future the area of Phase-III, III-B and Phase-IV will be more important than presently Phase-I, for investor as well as for the tourist, because Picnic spot and most of resorts are located on this side. Although PC and Marjan lies on other side, but these will no longer be enough for entertainment   and to accommodate all visitors

at here. In future when construction process will take place there will be many resort /hotel on west edge of the hill.

Therefore, presently neglected west side will be attractive after construction of new link road. This road will also be good for the people who have recently purchased plot in new cutting. But all  this depend  on the planning of the Management and speedy execution of development work.


A 25.90 crore Rs  Contract for dual  carriage ring road, 52 crore for underground electricity contract  and for the procurement of desalination plant have been awarded. Our source tells that desalination plant has been procured. It is expected  that  development  work  will  be  re-started,  which  is  suspended  since  1997.After  completion  of  all  this 2-5-2 development work, there will be a different look of this precious

Project up to the entire satisfaction of allottees.

I would like to mention here again that in future many private as well as government project development standard may be better than this project but such  kind of location is only and only one, and that is the Unique Sangar Housing Project.

(iii)  HOTEL:-

100 beds PC Hotel is located at north-west edge in the mid of hill, and is operational. At here a room is available @ Rs

6500/- per night. They have very good packages including two days free bonus of Saturday and Sunday.  Dinner is just for Rs 350 and Hi-Tea just for Rs 175/- Efforts of Hashwani Group who had constructed this beautiful PC hotel in Gwadar must be appreciated.  Another Hotel (Marjan) is also situated at here, close to PC hotel which is functioning since last many years. Now construction of a new hotel at same place is planned, its stone breaking ceremony took place in Jan 2007 by the Chief Minister Baluchistan. After completion of this hotel there will be enough capacity to accommodate the visitors, who wants to live in a good and secure environment.

But even then still there is need for construction of dozens of hotels, which could accommodate the investors/tourists in near future, because only two hotels do not fulfill the needs in peak days. Beside all this there is also need for construction of houses which could be utilized for offices and residence purposes to the companies engaged for port operation.

2-5-4 2-5-3

Still in Gwadar there is no such place except Sangar to accommodate such like companies. After port operation immediately there will be acute shortage of accommodation, so the investor must look into it and should manage good business at here besides providing facilities. This way they can contribute their share for the Gwadar development, and can also utilize a very good opportunity for their business.