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No demographic change in Balochistan: minister

Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform Ahsan Iqbal on [...]
Mon, Apr 10, 2017

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Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Ahsan Iqbal says bringing [...]
Mon, Apr 10, 2017

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Sixty percent construction work of the first-phase of Gwadar Free [...]
Thu, Apr 06, 2017

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Malaysian delegation wants to utilise Gwadar port

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to capitalise on the rise of [...]
Thu, Apr 06, 2017

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CPEC: China approves huge infrastructure projects for Xinjiang

BEIJING: The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region will invest heavily in [...]
Wed, Mar 29, 2017

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Habib Bank eyes opportunities connected with CPEC in Xinjiang

BEIJING: Habib Bank, one of the largest private banks in [...]
Wed, Mar 29, 2017

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Gwadar: 4 factories to start production by December-2017

KARACHI (Dunya News) – Heavy contingents of law enforcement agencies [...]
Wed, Mar 29, 2017

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Balochistan chief minister invites Karachi’s business community to invest in Gwadar

Balochistan Chief Minister Sardar Sanaullah Khan Zehri invited Karachi's business [...]
Tue, Mar 28, 2017

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CPEC: Opportunities for UK-China Collaboration

RUSI Whitehall At this RUSI conference, representatives from the UK, Pakistan [...]
Fri, Mar 24, 2017

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5 Ways India’s Going to Be Affected When CPEC Changes World Trade

The much-vaunted USD 54 billion economic corridor in Pakistan that [...]
Fri, Mar 24, 2017

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  • Awan Nazar
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    Gwadar Update

    DCO Gwadar Banned on transfer of land for next three months. GDA also banned for issuance of NOC for any kind of society development for six months. The reason is stated to have a development of Master plan for Gwadar Mega smart city. There are rumors that duration of ban will be more than given period. It is not still clear that ban is only for open land or for all kinds of land including Govt and private projects running there.
    Since 2005 none of the government or private housing society did the development work up to mark. Even many did zero work at there and sold the plot inland and abroad.
    GDA had issued NOC to a number of private developer/builders. Details are as under:-

    Residential 75 with a total area of 12677.604 acres land
    Industrial 15 with a total area of 2174.87 acres land
    Commercial 06 with a total area of 299.84 acres land
    Recreational 04 with a total land 381 acres
    Building 13 NOC.
    All NOC have been issued from January 2004 to June 2016.
    All 13 NOC of Building stand expired. All 04 Recreational NOC also stands expired. Out of 06 NOC for commercial 04 have been expired whereas 02 have been restored conditionally. Out of 16 Industrial NOC,15 have been expired where as Akbar industrial Park is still valid. Out of 75 residential 60 NOC have been expired, where as 14 NOC have been restored conditionally and only one of Marines homes is valid.
    All above data is taken from GDA web site. Anyone can visit the web site or may inquire from GDA.
    Why NOC have been cancelled or restored conditionally, because none of the housing society did the development thus violated GDA laws.
    Now when there is ban on transfer of land, mostly investor will be interested to invest in private housing projects, but they must see that since announcement of project what is the development on ground.

    Awan Nazar
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    Gwadar-Kashger-CPEC, propaganda
    It is very disappointing that few lobbies in political, media and abroad are busy in propaganda against CPEC project. Anti CPEC group have their own interest, not for peace or to see economically strong Pakistan.
    What India says, every one understand that why India is against CPEC.
    But what about Pakistani media and politician, those are securing their points to spread negative propaganda. Usually they claim that China involvement in Gwadar is risky due to:-
    1. 46 billions USD is a loan with interest.
    2. Contract is awarded to those china companies that are corrupt and defamed.
    3. China will hire own peoples in their project and future industrial/ commercial zone.
    4. After getting heavy loan Pakistan will be a colony of china likewise east India Company.
    5. There will be flood of china cheap goods/ product, due to which Pakistan industry will go in loss.
    It is surprising that why Pakistani peoples even politician and media are going to propagate it for just to accomplish their own desire. In past as done in Kalabagh project which is still politicized and Pakistani nation is paying high price who are facing problems due to shortage of water and electricity. Same thing is repeating here. If there is no Gwadar port then Pakistan forget to have comfortable life for them self and for the coming generation.
    Gwadar Port is a natural deep sea port and a gateway to china, Russia and central Asia. After operation of Gwadar port about 25% world trade will be via this route. And Pakistan growth rate will be double and with passage of time it will increase many fold.
    Gwadar become the part of Pakistan in 1958, till 2000 nothing was done at there, except PMLN Govt in their last tenure who carries out the survey of Coastal highway and Gwadar port paper work. Credit goes to Pewaiz Musharaf, who started work and completed Coastal highway from Karachi to Gwadar and started work for the port. 1st phase having 3 berth completed in 2005. Unlucky, one or the other reason no progress is made till 2013 due to which Gwadar Port remain un-operational. PMLN Govt during their present tenure again started work on the port and started work on Gwadar as well as in all Balouchistan pending projects.
    One has to understand that what the Gwadar position without coastal highway was? All eatable items, oil and other daily need things reach there from Iran, only 14 km road having many crater was there. Now after 6 to 8 hours anything from Karachi reached Gwadar, even it is a great facility for patient etc.
    If any country has the natural resources but it failed to dig out and utilize them then how is an unlucky nation?
    China is providing 46 billion USD for CPEC. All is not loan but if it is loan who will give you the money for your own development project. One should see if there is motorway from Peshawar to Karachi and Gwadar that will connect all major cities and towns all over the country, who will get the financial benefit of it.
    No doubt China is hiring their own peoples for their project and in future they will hire them, it is their mandate.
    China is going to have a steel mill in Gwadar and similarly a number of countries shown their interest to have oil refinery at there. After all there is lot of opportunity for Pakistani to have millions of jobs. The Pakistani who is providing their services abroad may shift in their own country and will serve with pride.
    No doubt there is corruption at high level in Pakistan. You have seen what is happening to Pakistan steel mill, Pakistan Railway and PIAC, If China will deploy/hire their own men then it is becoz they have to run the project. Question about the corrupt and defame china companies, answer is simple that contract is award to them by China government, how it is possible that they will award the project to a failure company, If yes then we may say China is a corrupt country, If again yes then how it is becoming a great power.
    Gwadar Port (warm water) was the dream of USSR to reach at there; it breaks into pieces but could not achieve its goal. Now when it is being developed with help of a friendly country then why the people have pain. Pain Is due to that that PMLN if succeeded to operate this route then no will be in position to defeat them in next election. All anti CPEC propaganda is game for next election to defame ruling govt. That’s why media and few politicians started negative propaganda against CPEC.
    I am not defending the PMLN Govt. But anyone can see the development they carried out all over Pakistan especially in Baluchistan.

    Awan Nazar
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    No doubt Gwadar is a unique one. A small fishing town located about 600 km away from Karachi on the southwestern coast of Balouchistan was the part of Oman That Puchased by the Government of Pakistan in October 1958.
    A Deep Water Report was issued in 1954 by the United States Geological Survey. The head of that survey team was Worth Condrick who said that “Gwadar is a sea port made by nature”. Anyone can realize that Pakistani Nation found treasure buried under the rock.
    Now it is the time to dig out that rock and found the treasure. CPEC will do all that.

    Awan Nazar
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    Gwadar Real estate business update
    Since last week there are +ve sign on Gwadar properties. A plot having size of 600 sq/yd (developed) residential at sangar went down from 38 lakh to 25 lakh in last quarter but now it went to 30+ for general category plot. The plot in phase I or at prime location are about 45 lakh Max.
    Plot in sangar extension having size of 600 sq/yd( non develop) are not more than 23 lakh.
    It is surprising that plot having size of 400 sq/yd (develop) residential prices are higher than 600 sq/yd. A general plot is about 32+, whereas prime location plot is about 35+.
    Plot having size of 1000 sq/yd develop residential for general plot are about 40 to 45 lakh, where as prime location plot in phase I, are about 75+.
    Commercial plost prices are much higher, usually many peoples are reluctant to sell out the plot with hope that in near future prices will be many fold up. Now a plot having size 1000 sq/yd is in the range of 14 million to 17 million and a prime location may be about 25 to 35 million.

    awan nazar
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    In this global world, any country, that has, economic growth/potential, can attract the world toward her. Those are energy resources, technologies and trade routes. Beside all this most important is political/ security situation of the region.
    Pakistan has lot of energy resources but due economically weak position, not in the position to dig it out and gain the benefit of it. Similarly technology is a subject that can only be achieved when Pakistan will be in sound economically position.
    How Pakistan would be economically sound, it will be only possible, if political situation will be in favor of the country, not for personal desire and security situation of not only in Pakistan but of the whole is favorable.
    Pakistan geographically situated at such place, where it can be hub of international trade activities. Luckily Gwadar is a part of Pakistan and close to Strait of Hormuz. A lot of development so far is done and still Gwadar is in development stages. If the same continued in positive direction, then by 2018, it will be in position to start trade activities within Gulf, African, western, central Asia and China.
    Due to this project, China will be the major beneficial and Pakistan will be the hub of business activities. Due to this project there will be direct road connect of Gwadar(Pakistan) to Kashger(China) (having distance of about 3000 km ). After operation of gwadar seaport, china will save more than 60% expenditure that is being incurred for transposition. Suppose if China import oil from gulf through its old route i.e. strait of Malacca, it took 45 day to reach at south china (china border) having distance of about 12000 km. to further transportion the same on western border at Kashger, it have to travel more 4500 km and more time. Thus China via Gwadar will reduce distance and time both.
    Pakistan will be the 2nd beneficial after China, due to development of its road, power generation, employment, foreign investment and other business activities. After 2018 Pakistan economically will be better and with passage of time it will become a strong. .When Pakistan economically became strong, and then Pakistan will be in position to explore its energy resources with best technology.
    With all this literacy level will be improved and health facilities will be far better. Pakistani that goes abroad for education, jobs and medical treatment will get here at their door step.
    All this is not only a dream but we can see all this with our own eyes, if we are sincere with our country.

    awan nazar
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    Here is an my old post, that was posted at, probably in 2006. It is being quoted for information of all concerned and to see after 10 years time period, what is progress on the part of govt. in this regard.


    Govt. of Pakistan allocated/released hundreds billions of funds for gwadar development since 2001. Coastal Highway is completed before its given time schedule by FWO. GDA is working on four main roads in Gwadar, i.e. Main Jinnah Avenue Road, Marine Drive, Pedi Zer and Balouchistan Broadway roads. There is a plan to construct 24 more roads within the master plan, Although the speed of work at here is not up to mark but development work is going on. GDA performance is quite better than other Govt. departments at gwadar being newborn department. I had already written enough in this regard and posted at, my articles in the name of GWADAR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS FUTURE UPDATE 1, 2, 3 and 4 are available at said web site. Main purpose to post this note is to highlight important issues due to which all Govt. efforts to develop Gwadar are in-effective.Detail is as under:-
    Newtown is 1st housing project started in 1986 with the efforts of Senator Ishaq (late) to accommodate the low cost locals at reasonable prices i.e. Rs250 for 500 sq/yd and Rs-500/- for 1000 sq/yd plot , later on its prices increased to Rs 5000/- and Rs 15000/- respectively and was extended up to four Phases. Before 2001, being no attraction none of outsider (non-local) was interested to have a plot at here. Only locals and few Govt. or civlian peoples working at gwadar got allotted plot. After stone breaking ceremony of coastal highway and deep seaport it gain value and its prices rises up to 18 lac for 1000 sq/yd and 13 lac for 500 sq/yd plot in phase-IV, whereas plots in Phase-I were more costly. Taking advantage of highest prices in this area local politician and local Govt. officials made the fresh allotment in this area on plea to accommodate locals and a number of duplication was also happened. It is surprising that still there is map only for phase-I and II, where as there is no Map for phase-III & IV. No doubt that town planner Newtown have not enough land in this area to adjust all peoples, who got allotted/purchased plot. Interesting at here is that most of local’s allottee sold out their plot to investors at highest prices. What will be the position when they will find no land for their plot in Newtown Phase-IV? After completion of Main Jinnah Avenue Road this area will be the 1st residential area of gwadar and will gain value in near future. Still gwadar district management is sleeping on it and is not publishing map for Phase-III & IV. Similarly after floating of map its development is needed to uplift gwadar because this will be the 1st colony of new gwadar. There is one more interesting thing that since last many months there is ban on transfer that is also one of the main reason to de-value land price at here. It is suggested that: –
    (1) This project may be given to GDA with all record to handle its matters and for further development.
    (2) Responsible Native of Balouchsitan, who have complete grip on the matters of gwadar may be posted there as town planner under the control of GDA.
    (3) Map of Newtown Phase-III & IV may be published.
    (4) Ban on transfer may be lifted.
    (5) Development work in all Newtown may be started.
    (6) All record of plot may be computerized and confirmation is made when any of plot owner ask for it in person.
    (7) Some nominal charges may be imposed for confirmation of plot.
    (8) All people who got allotted plot or purchased on re-sale may be adjusted.
    I hope after adopting this there will be positive change in Gwadar real estate market and investors will gain trust.
    SANGAR: –
    Sangar Housing Project is one of the unique project announced in 1992 with efforts of then DC Gwadar Jan Muhammad Dashti and then C.M Balouchistan Taj Mohammad Jamali. Initially there was only Phase-I but thereafter due to great public response all over Pakistan and its beautiful location (being its three sides surrounded by sea and at reasonable height from sea level)it was extended to four phases and about 4500 plot were allotted.Initially plot at here were booked at nominal prices. Most of locals have sold out their plot but mostly out sider ( non-locals) retain it. 1992 to 1996 development work was done with keen interest but there after its development work got slow and since announcement of gwadar port no development work is done at there. It was good if with the opening of gwadar port, development work was completed. but it is a matter of great concern that still there is no electricity, water etc. The important thing to note here is that Sangar management published an ads in news papers in which all allotteee have been asked to submit construction map of the their plot, other wise heavy fine will be imposed. One can think how there will be construction in absence of basic facilities with in three month the time given to submit the map. Other important thing that all Old allottee who have been issued the possession letter after making the payment of all dues, now again Sangar management is asking through local news paper ads to deposit additional development charges at the rate of Rs 300/per sq/yd for residential and Rs 400/- per sq/yd for commercial. Its amazing that the person who paid only 45 thousands for a plot having size of 1000 sq/yd, now again have to pay Rs300000/-. ( three lac). It is interesting that a person who booked plot before 2000 when there was no sign of port, how he will m�nage to pay a huge amount now. It is surprising that no intimation letter is issued in this regard. Management is asking these additional development charges when one wanted to sell out his/her plot. Due to all such factors being most famous and costly housing project, its re-sale value is much lower then the project announced by private housing societies.
    I have following suggestion to upgrade this fine project:-
    (1) On the pattern of DHA a Authority at Sangar may be established to take over the management of this project.
    (2) Role of C.G ( consultant group ) may be restricted up to consultancy services only .If possible Authority can enroll own consultant.
    (3) All record may be taken over from C.G and Govt. official may be deployed on it.
    (4) Already more then 4500 plots have been allotted; only a small piece of land is still there, not allotted.There is a plan of Phase-V. There is suggestion that no fresh allotment is made except to adjustment of old allottee. Remaining land may be kept for Govt. utilization for future needs.
    (5) In any case if Fresh allotment is necessary may be made on open merit on the pattern of CDA.
    (6) Development work may be started at here. A committee of expertise is constituted to monitor the development work.
    (7) If in any case additional development charges are necessary then installments time schedule is given to the old allottee who can pay on easy installments.
    (8) There will be no interference of any politician, Govt. officials in this project; however GDA may contribute at here being the only govt. department working at gwadar front, better then other Govt. Departments.
    (9) All Govt. officials, C.G employee, Govt Contractor are strictly banned to act as property dealer.
    (10) Web site of this fine Project may be launched.

    Gwadar Industrial Zone (GIZ)
    Gwadar Industrial Zone is one of the fine Govt. project, located at reasonable distance from Gwadar city (i.e. 40 kilometers from Door Ghetti). It will give good results in future. It is a good initiative by the present Govt. Initially it was announced at one thousands acres land. The cost of one acre is fixed 15 lac/acre, having plots from 1 to 5 acres, for industrial purpose only. Allotment in 1st Phase is almost done and hopefully work on 2nd phase is in progress. C.G (consultant Group) who is doing the Consultancy at sangar is again at here. Contract to install desalination plant is awarded and hopefully it will be completed in next six month. Beside govt. efforts to boost gwadar in all sectors still there are many problems at here like Newtown and Sangar and are as under with suggestion:-
    (1) Price fixed for one acre i.e. 15 lac which is to be paid, one lac down payment and remaining in 8 equal quarterly installments (i.e. one lac and 75 thousands). I think it is too much because land cost at Karwaat is in the range of one to two lac per acre and investors can purchase 15 acres instead of one acre. If this big amount mean for development then also it is much higher. Some consideration to reduce this amount is needed on easy installments, so that people thinking for small industries can m�nage this.
    (2) Procedure for allotment is needed to be revised. Presently there is an office at Karachi, located at SIDCO centre in a shop of Balouchistan Handicraft., M.B Magsi is its project director who most of the time is not found at there and application forms are not available. Many Pakistani living abroad and in Pakistan are interested to invest at here but they face problem due to not availability of set procedure and easy access plate form. It is suggested that some arrangements may be made so that every one who has some financial position and is not a trader/broker to go on investment. It will be better if the plots are advertised in news papers and allotment is made purely on balloting after scrutiny.
    (3) Some restriction should be made to re-sale the plot to disappoint the traders/broker for a specific period or till all installments is made and possession letter is issued. Sale agreement may not be accepted made prior to issuance of possession letter.
    (4) Although there is a committee, made the allotment at Quetta, beside this GDA may be incorporated to share in this project.
    Private Housing project and Role of GDA
    About more then 65 private housing projects have been issued NOC by GDA in Tehsil Gwadar and out of tehsil gwadar to the residential and commercial projects. Some project are located at prime location and will be developed in next 5 to 10 years time period but most of projects will take lot of time whereas many of project owner is seems to fled away after collection of money in next few years having no development . It is ground realities that NOC for some project is given in non settle area and in far away areas about 40 to 50 Km distance from Gwadar central point..GDA has procedure to pledge some part of land and after announcement of project also seal the 10 % of amount received from allottee, where as the remaining 90% amount is released to project owners. There is another issue GDA also asked the project owner at the time of issuing the NOC that desalination plant is purely responsibility of project owner. To over come this I have the following suggestion:-
    (1) NOC may be issued with in the limit of Gwadar Master Plan, which is already a 50 years plan.
    (2) Beside pledging 40% land , only 10 % amount may be released to the project owner and bank authorities may be strict on it. Only authorized Banks are allowed to maintain the account of private projects at gwadar only.
    (3) Only well reputed developer / builder may be issued NOC. For new one financial status/reputation may be checked.
    (4) All transaction is made only trough banks and no cash is accepted by any of the project owner directly from allottee.
    (5) Banks transactions record may be monitored by GDA and amount may be released only on proper contract agreement with contractors as it is done in Govt. Department. Bank may not be allowed to release any kind of amount with out approval of monitoring authority after scrutiny / verification of work. Amount may not be released to project owner except the amount fixed for their day to day expenditures to maintain their offices. (6) When plot is allotted to any of allottee, copy of the same is needed to be submitted to GDA for endorsement. GDA endorsed copy may be given to the allottee.
    (7) It is observed that some project owner change their master plan after announcement and making the allotment. Modification in project master plan may not be allowed after issuance of NOC similarly plot status may not be allowed to be changed. If in extreme nature it is needed then same may be got approved from concerned authorities and allottee must be compensated in this regard.
    (8) There is a simple calculation that an investor just buy a piece of land from ten thousand to ten lac per acre and float in the market just after making expenditure from 7 lac to 17 lac per acre at the rate of 50 lac to six crore per acres. If GDA ceased its 10 % amount and project owner left the country after getting a huge amount from its client, leaving 10% in bank, no development in the project and left the desert for its client. Then what will be the position. So there is a need to protect the allottee right at this stage and counter arrangement may be made. (9) Except New world city (A project of Taloo Builders) there is no development sign in any other projects except to fixing sign board and that too by few of them.

    awan nazar
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    Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority
    It is located about 45 km from Gwadar Seaport at Karwat on south side of main coastal highway. GIEDA is the authority to develop it.
    It consist of 3000 acres land. At here there are two kind of plot, Industrial ( for small industries) of one, two and five acres. In Phase I, about 1000 acres land have been allotted to various allottes and is under development phases. About 2000 acres more land is added, thus total 3000 acres land is available for this project.Commercial plots having size 400 sq/yd and 1000 sq/yd also been allotted at here.
    Any body who want to seek the information, may visit at the web have their offices at Newtown Gwadar and Clifton at Karachi beside their site office at project location at Karwat. Addresses are as under:-
    1. Gwadar Office:House No.2 Near New Town Office, New Town,
    Phase-1, Gwadar.
    Tel: (+92) 864-210910, 0864-210911
    2. Karachi Office: D-102/2, Block-2, Clifton, Karachi.
    Tel: (+92) 21-99250153-35830695: Fax: 021-99250154
    Email us :,
    Generally all allotment have been made and now plots are on resale.One acre land is about 23 lakh with own money, whereas its land cost is 15 lakh, thus a total amount is required about 38 lakh to purchase from the open market. It may be vary from 35 to 40 lakh.
    For 400 sq/yd commercial plot, original price is 3 lakh and one can buy from open market from 18 to 22 lakh.
    Any one who is interested to buy the plot must ensure that he purchase a complete file with plot allotment number etc.

    awan nazar
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    Now Gwadar is at the such development stage, where no one can create any hindrance to stop it.Any one, that are thinking that still there are security threats. I like to tell them that with the development activities, all anti gwadar development groups will go in dark by the end of 2018.
    Let see some past of gwadar. Till 2000 Gwadar was no more then a fishing village, having population of 50000 peoples. No medical, no electricity and business activities at there. Only a 14 km mettle road was there in whole district ( from Gwadar to Gwadar Airport).
    The prices of open land was about to zero.There was no buyer of one acre with just Rs 5000. In govt housing project , sangar 1000 sq/yd commercial plot price was just Rs 90000/- and Newtown 1000sq/yd plot was just at Rs 15000/-
    PMLN Govt in their 2nd term carry out the survey of coastal highway and did the paperwork of Gwadar sea port.
    After 2000 during Pervaiz Musharaf Govt. He carry out the work on coastal Highway from Karachi to gwadar and Gwadar sea port Ist phase. Beside this they also established Gwadar Port Authority and Gwadar Development Authority. GDA did a lot of work and change the face of Gwadar. Now any one can see the development status on google map.
    Any one can imagine that prices shoot up many fold till 2005. One acre open land wentto 10 million at airport road and a commercial plot at sangar upto 7.5 million. but after 2005 all is went to cold storage and till 2012 price back down many fold i.e 90% down.
    In 2013 PMLN govt took over the charge and Pakistan Army did well to support Govt to develop Gwadar. China and Pakistan both agreed to have a economic corridor and they named it China Pakistan economic corridor. Gwadar port was given to China and they started work on CPEC with huge fund of 46 billion US$.
    Now motorway M-8 is about to complete and the route from Gwadar to Kashger about 3000 km is ready for transportation. In 2018 port with other required facilities will be ready for full operation.
    Presently there are three berth at gwadar port, work on other five berth is going on in 2nd phase. There is a total capacity of 120 berth. One can imagine that what will be the business activities at Gwadar when all 120 berth will be in operation.Although it will take time but it will happen soon or later.
    The peoples who have invested from 2003 to 2005 are now getting 400% profit and the people who will invest now will get the profit of same ratio.
    Now in gwadar, work on a number of projects is going on. i.e Gwadar University, Water dams, Hospital, construction of new Gwadar Airport and a number of energy project. PMLN govt is doing well, hope all political parties will support them for the development of Gwadar.

    awan nazar
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    Congratulation to Pakistani, who interested to see Gwadar development, that this web site is operational now. One can post his/her comment on it. More ever buying and selling could also be done via this web site.
    Hope CDW will focus on it to maintain this web site operational.
    About property business Gwadar property business is going on its hike, since last one years prices have been increased more than 200 %. Hope with in next one year, it will be double and will be out of reach on a common man.

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    Operationalisation and opening of trade activities at the Gwadar Deep Seaport marked a golden day in Pakistan’s history as an old dream finally came true despite consistent internal and international conspiracies to rock the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

    The talk about building and making the Gwadar Port functional has been going for several years, but it has now been translated into a reality as goods loaded in more than 150 containers, coming from China, were actually shipped for foreign destinations.

    The completion of the Gwadar Port was tremendously stimulated under the CPEC after the grand projects under this game-changer were concluded during the visit of the Chinese president to Pakistan last year. The present government greatly pushed their early completion as no regime has done in the past.

    Apart from the massive economic gains that the Gwadar Port will bring to Pakistan and China, it also serves as a great milestone in the strategic relations of the two countries.

    The worst terrorist attack at the shrine of Shah Noorani in Khuzdar district of Balochistan a day before the grand ceremony at the Gwadar Port marking its operationalization was timed with this historic event. This was part of the evil designs of the enemies of Pakistan, who are in great commotion over the fast completion of the CPEC projects. But the opening of the port crushed their efforts to put roadblocks in the way of progress of Pakistan.

    Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif rightly said at the special momentous ceremony that the day marked the breaking of dawn of a new era and vowed to ensure that the CPEC and all projects under its umbrella would materialise within the given time.

    Gwadar, near the border with Iran and to the east of the Persian Gulf and opposite Oman, is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, approximately 700 kilometres to the west of Karachi.

    Gwadar and its surrounding region were overseas possessions of Sultanate of Oman from 1783 until Pakistan purchased the territory on September 8, 1958. Pakistan assumed its control on December 8, 1958, and the territory was later integrated into the Balochistan province on July 1, 1977, as Gwadar district.

    The strategic value of its location was first recognised in 1954 when it was identified as a suitable site for a deep water port by the US Geological Survey at the request of Pakistan while the territory was still under Omani rule.

    The area’s potential to be a major deep water port remained untapped under successive Pakistani governments until 2001, when construction on the first phase of Gwadar Port was initiated. The port remained underutilised after construction for a variety of reasons, including lack of investment, security concerns etc.

    In April 2015, Pakistan and China announced their intention to develop the $46 billion CPEC which in turn forms part of China’s One Belt, One Road. Gwadar features heavily in CPEC, and is also envisaged to be the link between the One Belt, One Road and Maritime Silk Road project. Infrastructure projects worth billions of rupees have been started in Gwadar as part of CPEC with the aim of linking northern Pakistan and western China to the seaport.

    In addition to investments directly under the aegis of CPEC in Gwadar, the China Overseas Port Holding Company in June 2016 began construction on the $2 billion Gwadar Special Economic Zone, which is being modeled on the lines of the Special Economic Zones of China. In September 2016 the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) published a request for tenders for the preparation of expropriation and resettlement of Old Town Gwadar.

    Hitherto Pakistan’s total reliance has been on its sole port in Karachi. The Gwadar Port offers the second excellent facility. Chinese goods, to be transported by road till the Gwadar port, will be shipped from there for onward foreign destinations.

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