GDA has planned to construct about 23 roads. Out of which 2 in commercial (Industrial area) where as other 21 lie in residential  areas. Parallel to main Jinnah Avenue Road, each road is at  one-kilometer distance in South-North direction. Whereas towards the East west direction, there are about 4 roads,

  1. a) After one kilometer east-west direction on west bay is Peshkan Road

b)   Jiwani Avenue


Road going towards Jewani (Extension announced by Govt recently) from Zero Point.


                                                          Beach at Shabi (West)

North –South Direction Roads Touches to Main Coastal Highway are: –

  • Pasni Avenue in Industrial area at the east of
  •               Main Jinnah Avenue
  • Main Jinnah Avenue Road c.
  • Sarawan Avenue
  • Jhallawan Avenue e.
  • Awanran Avenue f.
  • Kharan Avenue
  • Rakshan Avenue h.
  • Bolan Avenue
  • Chaltan Avenue j.
  • Taftan Avenue k.
  • Mand Avenue
  • Chagi Avenue m.
  • Dasht Avenue
  • Demi Zer Road Kech Avenue o.
  • Buleda Avenue

These all roads will be parallel to Main Jinnah Avenue and will intersect Balouchistan Broadway and Coastal Highway. GDA road map proves that Gwadar Master Plan is designed to give best road link in the city and all this is not only on paper but also on groundwork is in progress. Infrastructure is the main thing; in absence of it we can’t think about development.


                                Coastal Highway start from Zero Point

In Gwadar the area that just starts at Zero point, the developments work on road shows the best planning on part of GDA. Best road links will promote Gwadar.


It is already in the knowledge of all that Phase-I of Port is already completed, due to need of more dragging and its infrastructure and civil works its opening is delayed up till June

2006, It will start function by June 06 or may be few months later. When a huge amount is spent on it, then it will work (INSHALLAH). It is not a matter of worry for a common man when it will start functioning. Govt. is doing all efforts to put it in operation as soon as possible and huge amount is spending on it and for other development projects in Gwadar. According to latest news but not confirmed so far opening of PC Hotel will took place by 7th May and Port on 1st June this Year.

Work  on  Railway  Track  from  Gwadar-Turbat-Panjgur-Baseema-Kalat-Mastoong  will start this year and will further lead up to central Asian States via Kundhar. This project will take 6 Years for its completion with  the estimated cost of 70 billion. 56 Railway station  on  this  track  will  come  into  existence,  will  provide  great  opportunity  of employment in this area.