Existing    Gwadar    Town    is    located adjacent  to  the  Free  Trade  Port  and Koh-e Baatil, between the curved strip of east (Demi Zer) and west (Pedi Zer) bays. Its overall length is about 2.5 kms and       width         is   about   ¾   km.   Total population   is   about   one   lakh   (0.1 million). There is only one Main  Road, which meets the Airport Road at Javed Complex  on  North  and  on  other  end towards the main Bazar. Being    oldest city,   its   inner  streets   are   narrow, whereas   streets   around   Mula   Fazal chowk, Mujahid Ward, Baloch Ward and in   the   vicinity   of   civil   hospital   are comparatively  wide.  Main  town  lies  in

between, south Fish Harbor (mini port, west Fish Harbor Road, North PIA office and east Demi Zer (east bay). In the near future this will be  port  express  way (Demi Zer) road. Most of the streets are non mettled, and there is no proper  sanitation system. It seems  that district Govt. health  department  doesn’t  look  into  it,  due  to  which  this  town  still  exists,  and  there  is  no significance of any new development. When areas outside and around are being developed with modern technology, no attention is being given to this old town. One justification is given that this area  will be re-located at some other places  (Peshukan and  Surbandar low cost housing project).

But this philosophy is not understood because  still no fruitful arrangements  to re-locate this population are seen. People are ready if compensated properly. With the passage of time, I think re-location  will be more  difficult, except some  areas around the  port vicinity or lying  on port express way road, which will be definitely re-located due to urgent govt. needs for port operation. But if some good arrangements are made at an early stage with good planning to re-locate this town, then there will be the beautiful face of new Gwadar.

In presence of this locality there will be many problems in future. Shifting of one lakh population is not a matter for the Govt. Govt. is spending billions of rupees on development; I don’t think there will be any problem to give a good  package to these  residents. After the ongoing, and new developments when there will be business activities in Gwadar, this area will be the centre of sick activities and a black  spot on the face of  new Gwadar, which will  create hindrance  at many stages.