The most active site for update on Gwadar Real Estate Rates. Gwadar property rates are not changing every week. The next up leg and market activity is expected now, as the port has already been inaugurated. I request all Property Dealers of Gwadar to update the visitors with latest rates. Below are the prices per Acre of open lands in different areas of Gwadar City.
(Rates as of: January 2009)

Category GDA Zone / Area(s) Rates/Acre (RS)
* Gwadar Industrial Estate (GIE) 1 Acre Plot 5 Lakh Own
* Newtown Phase-2 (1000 sqyds) Commercial 15 Lakh
* Newtown Phase-2 (1000 sqyds) Commercial 3-5 lakh
* Sangar Phase-1 (400 sqyds) 12-14 lakh
* Sangar Phase-1 (1000 sqyds) 14-25 lakh (location dependent)
* Sangar Phase-2 (600 sqyds) Old Cutting 7-9 lakh
* Sangar Phase-2 (600 sqyds) New Cutting 5-6 lakh
* Sangar Phase-4 (1000 sqyds) Commercial 25-30 lakh
G1 Karwat-Kappar 60,000
G2 Darbela Shumali-Janoobi + Gorandani pending. New Airport area. Most land taken over by Govt.
G3 Surbandar 16-25 lakh (NLC Area)
G4 Shanakani Dar Industrial Zone 10-15 lakh
G5 Container Yard – Oil Terminal RUP
G6 Durgatt 70 lakh – 85 lakh
G7 Ziarat Machi Sharqi-Garbi 2- 2.5 lakh
G8 Jorkan – Zeropoint 2-4 lakh
G9 Washein Door 20-50 lakh location dependent
G10 Jinnah Avenue 50 lakh – 70 lakh
G11 E.P.Z 18-25 lakh (Govt Project Location)
G12 Airport Road 1-1.25 Crores
G13 Chebkalamati 14 lakh
G14 Kiyakalat 75,000 (Dam Road)
G15 Marzani pending
G16 Palleri 5 lakh
G16A Chatti Shumali 3.25 lakh
G16B Chatti Janoobi 3.5 lakh
G17 Shabi 1.85-2.5 lakh
G18 Ankra Shumali-Janoobi 4-6 lakh
G19 GDA’s Gohrab Low-Cost Housing Pending
G20 Chattani-Bal 0.07 lakh (pre-settlement)
G21 Zabbadan 0.25 lakh (pre-settlement)
G21A Robar 0.45 lakh
G22 Parayeen Tauk 3 lakh
G22A Passu 2-4 lakh location dependent
G22B Bandi 0.40 lakh
G22C Ganz 2.5 – 3 lakh
G22C Ganz 2.5 – 3 lakh
G23 Golden Palms @ Marine Drive
G24 New World City
G25-26 FTBA @ Airport Road

Next update will be in May 2009 IN SHA ALLAH.