A beautiful place having creek with 5×4 kilometer dimension is located about 65 kilometers from Pasni  toward  Karachi.  There  is  a  link road from main coastal highway to this village. Presently there is non mettle but Govt. has planned to construct a mettle road. After construction of this road the distance will be about 10 kilometer from main  coastal  road,  thus  total  distance will   come   from   Pasni   about      75 kilometer, from Gwadar, it is about 187 kilometer.

Still settlement is not done at here, due to which land cost is very low, but the land  owner  has  legal  documents  with them   and    there   is    some   registry procedure after making the payment of Govt.

required fee. But one thing is important to note  here that at the time when  settlement will be completed, Khatoni  will be issued to the original land owner;  however  on  the basis of  sale agreement and registry, its transfer could be done.

There is a risky element factor but while buying the cheap land, risk is always there. According to my own observation this place is more beautiful than Gwadar west bay or any area on our coast. This place will be good for   tourism and sea food industry. At here one thing is more   interesting for general public and that is an Astola Island close to this place.


Astola Island    6 kilometer long and 200 feet high is located on south of coast at a distance about 15 miles from  Kalmaat creek and about 40 kilometers from Pasni. Kalmaat is the closet point to reach Astola. This is a good place for tourism industry and people can visit here in all season except high tide season of monsoon. Pictures and map can be seen at here.