Any one confused how he/she can invest being far and what is the law and order situation at there. I already said that all Makran area is very much secured then any part of Pakistan. All natives of this area are very good people and crime ratio in those people is close to zero. If some miscreant from outside create problems then it’s another matter, but as far local population is concerned they are very peace-loving residents.

Anyone interested to invest at Gwadar should go there and before going there should mark the area to visit and not depending on dealer because they will take you on their own interest areas. After through visiting, one will come at decision end either he/she have to invest here or not, if so in which areas will be the best for investment. Then ask the dealer to find the land in the area of his/her choice. Usually people directly approach the dealer at Gwadar or any other parts of the country and at there they get the price much higher than of its value. At here one question arises that how he/she could get the real price. I suggest visiting at the unique website related to Gwadar ( and there is lot of material along with latest prices. It will help them out to purchase the land of their choice at market rate and of its real value.


View from the Sangar West Side

Usually, when market is calm and there are few buyers in the market, people think that there is some problem.  Actually the things are not like that  but what happened in Gwadar, a huge sale/ purchase was made in Gwadar during the months from Oct 2004 to Feb 2005. Prices were risen up 10 times in this period. Many traders, brokers played the role at there.


A beautiful sunset at Gwadar (snap taken from Sangar)

It is interesting to quote that during this period, every native of Gwadar and any single dealer from all over Pakistan was doing the property business. Bank transactions prove it. These are the ground realities when trading happened at such a large scale then it is difficult to maintain it. That’s why prices came down and resultantly there was no buyer in the market. Now problems are for the people who buy the land at high cost could not get buyer at this cost. Therefore I suggest them to wait for next two years to get the profit. And for buyers get the land after doing home works. I will post the actual rate at soon; it will help the people while making the purchase.

Thank you all for being patient. We will keep working hard and continue to update all of you those who are interested in Gwadar’s development and Pakistan’s economic stability.