Presently representatives Consultant Group (C.G) sits in DCO office and provide some information .There is an urgent need to establish an inquiry counter in Gwadar for Sangar housing project, so that allottees could approach there in person, or can contact on phone to collect the various information about this project. There is an urgent need of an independent office for the Sangar establishment preferably at Sangar (having Sangar property);   on the patterns of DHA / Bahria Town. Same counters may be established for assistance of the people. Such kind of arrangement will give good impression, and will also help for the promotion of gwadar in general, and this project in specific.

As  such  according to our own views this  project has  no 2-7 problem except the people deployed on it should be active and   provide   quick   response.   They   should   act   with constructive ideas, instead of using delaying tactics and rude behavior.

Presently, DCO office is used to facilitate this project and the   whole  work   is             depending   on   consultant.   Re- organization   is   needed,   some   authority   should   be established,    which            should  take    the                    responsibility, consisting  upon    the  representative  of  GDA,  Provincial Govt. District Govt, Federal Govt. and  from allottee. Some technocrat may also be included in this management