Sangar Housing Project was initiated in 1992, by the then Chief Minister Baluchistan Taj Mohammad Jamali and DC Gwadar Jan Mohammad Dashti. Land measuring 1000 acres was allotted for this project for Phase-I and II, residential plots having sizes of 1000sq/yd, 600sq/yd and 400 sq/yd and commercial 1000 sq/yd were allotted, initial cost with development charges was Rs 24400/- for 400 sq/yd, Rs 34500/- for 600 sq/yd, Rs 55000/- for 1000 sq/yd and Rs 90000/- for 1000 commercial plot. Muslim Commercial bank Gwadar Branch played an active role in it. Keeping in view the demand, this project was further extended to    Phase-III, III-B, and Phase-IV (commercial) and additional land measuring 1500 acres is allotted. Presently this project have total land

2500 acres, all Phases have been covered by constructing a ring road of 132 feet in 1996-97 (now Management is planning to construct it again as dual carriage road(having proper pavement) with an estimated cost of 260 million). It is good to mention here that all land presently covered by ring road is plane land and each location has good sea view.

Major Development  work  of this project is completed. An underground  water 2-3-2tank having the capacity of 0.2 million gallon water  is there in port area, a 10 inches pipe line have been laid down up to PIA  office    further  linking of this line to public health main line (providing supply from Akra dam) is pending. Four inches pipe line   from underground tank is connected to the overhead tank at sangar in Phase-I., from overhead tank 5 inches main line goes to the society; connection of 3 inches line from  society main line is there for general public use. After operation of this pipe line and installation of desalination plant there will be the alternate facility of water supply, one from Ackra Kor Dam and other through desalination plant. Similarly sewerage main line is  8 inches  and  6 inches pipe line connection is there for each plot.  All these lines have alreadybeen laid down since 1997 same can be viewed personally. Road work is completed in all phases. In 2005 and 2006 out side of ring road (north side) some more plots have been marked on the map (known as fresh cutting plot)  are located in un-developed area.

Till 2000 being no attraction for investors, getting allotment was not difficult but 2-3-3after  stone  breaking ceremony of port  and coastal  highway investors from all parts  of the  country rushed here due to which this project gained value and prices suddenly rose up many fold. In early 2004, average price of a plot was from10 lakh to 22 lakh (residential plots), where as in February 2005 it was from

20 lakh to 48 lakh for residential where as 1000 sq/yd commercial was sold at

75 lakh. Due to some reason Govt. cancelled this  project in December 2003. Few allottees approached to Baluchistan high court. Honorable court cancelled

Govt. notification and ordered to constitute a committee. Mohterma Zubaida Jilal (federal Minister) and Syed Ehsan Shah (Provincial Minister) were in committee. Committee gave the recommendation in favor of allottees.  Due to some reservations from revenue department (that allotment have been made to non local whereas this project was specific for locals only), case was referred to law division.

Objection of the revenue department overruled by the law division with the decision that any Pakistan can purchase land any where in any part of Pakistan. Being no other reason ban was lifted and project was restored in June 2004.

decision is being pasted below.


Gwadar (Sangar) Housing Scheme Restored: 6/27/2004

Quetta, June 26: The  Baluchistan  Government has  withdrawn the cancellation orders of Sangar  Housing Scheme in December 2003. The announcement about the schemes restoration was made by the provincial Finance Minister Syed Ehsan Shah. Quote Sangar housing scheme has been restored in the larger interest of the people unquote,  he  told this correspondent.  The committee 2-3-4

constituted for reviewing losses sustained by the allotees of the scheme, had recommended restoration of the housing scheme in April 2004. Around 4000 residential and commercial plots  were allotted to politicians, army officials, businessmen, defense  and federal agencies and the general public in the Sangar Housing Scheme in the early 1990s when the scheme was announced by the then deputy commissioner of Gwadar district, Jan Muhammad Dashti

Source:  Dawn .”