(i) House Building finance Corporation has opened its office in Gwadar to facilitate the local, question is that, Is there any benefit to local poor native and they will be able to pay the installments? Answer is a big NO.  Keeping in view the terms and conditions of HBFC, even if they allow the loan without interest even then it will be difficult for poor Gwadar natives to Pay. Then who will get benefit of it? Only those who already collected lot  of money. If Govt. is  serious then launch a low  cost project  (free) because I don’t think that gwadar poor are able to pay even just few thousand.

(ii) HBFC is restricting to give advance only to locals, not to any person belong to any of other province. If this policy continued then HBFC could not play active role for Gwadar Development. I suggest it should be extend to all and allow the loan as per their  criteria,  in  this  way  they  can  generate  funds  and  also  could  participate  in Gwadar development. If this facility is extended to all Pakistani citizen even village in other part of Pakistan then why not in Gwadar for all Pakistani citizen holding land at there. I also suggest this facility should be extended to the investor as well.