(1) Development work is  discontinued  since 1997,  and this  must  be   re-started.  Arrangement  of  water,  electricity, communications  and  gas may be made at priority basis. Although  contracts for  desalination  plant, up gradation of dual  carriage  ring  road  and  for  underground  electricity have  been  awarded  but  speedy  execution  of  work  is needed.

(2) House Building Finance  Corporation  presently grants the loan only to local’s, It is suggested that this facility may be extended for all allottees of Sangar.

(3) Presently, there is a committee for this project but its role is nothing more except to make the allotment. There is a need to have a well established administration on the pattern of DHA.

(4) Allowing of private trucks used for transportation of stones being used in Gwadar for construction of boundary walls, may be banned because due to stone mining and digging, hill is badly loosing its natural environment.

(5)        Construction at Sangar may be allowed 2-9-2 and relaxation    for    payment    of    additional development charges may be considered.

(6)        Web  site may be launched for this project and by-laws may be circulated.

(7)        Friendly atmosphere is needed instead of rude behavior on the part of management.

(8)        Remaining  land  at  the   hill  may  not  be allotted, which could be used for other govt. needs/entertainment/educational    activities etc.

(9)        Management also develops  communication with  the  allottee  and  news  letter  may  be issued to update them.