GDA is working on 23 roads in Gwadar, out of which work on some roads is going on since last many month, some are in tendering process. According to GDA source they will complete all roads within in given time period. Presently work on following road is going on.


This  road  starts  from  Newtown  Phase-I  and  leads  parallel  to  Airport  road.  After intersecting the northwest edge of existing airport funnel area, it joins Coastal Highway about 5 KM North East from zero point in between Jorkan and Cheb kalamati. After crossing Main Coastal Highway it goes further few km, overall its total length is about 13

KM that is under construction and have the capacity for further extension up to hill area in future. Its width is 300 feet having commercial area both sides and thereafter there is service road on both sides after commercial area.


                          A view of Jinnah Avenue near Black topping

It’s construction is going on same pattern like blue area Islamabad. Most of its footing work is completed and hopefully will be completed in this year i.e. 2006.


                      Service lanes of Jinnah Avenue under construction

After completion of this road I don’t think a common man will be in position to purchase land at here that is already costly. It’s good for the people in new world city and GDA-5 whose plot will come on this road. So the people holding their plots in these both projects must check and keep touch with it.


This road having width of 300 feet is being constructed. It starts from Surbander road in Shankani Dar, as it is shown on the map and passes on north of existing airport, meets Jinnah Avenue Road at west  end of airport and then finally will meet Main Coastal Highway toward Iran Border after Chath Kaur and Shah bad.


                                   Balochistan Broadway  Site board


     Locations marked with flags for black topping on Balochistan Broadway


                       Work in Progress for the Long Balochistan Broadway

Presently work on 13-kilometer road is going on. Most of its footing work is completed and hopefully will be completed soon. After  completion of Main Jinnah Avenue Road and Balouchistan Broad Road, all this area will be prime for residential and commercial activities. And this is only at distance of one to two years time period.


Work  on  these  both  roads  is  in  progress;  in  1st  Phase  16  kilometer  road  will  be constructed. It is for the information of all that these both roads have the width of 300 feet each and are parallel at west bay seaside.


               300 ft wide Marine Drive leveled and ready for final works

After construction of these roads west bay sea will give a different looks. It will attract the tourists all over the world. The people  who visited Gwadar and saw the west bay know well about its beauty.  INSHALLAH after completion of all needful work it will be counted in famous world-class beaches. All relevant pictures have been posted; one can view the work progress through these pictures.