Government of Balouchistan launched free port Industrial zone at Gwadar about 38 Km from Main Jinnah Avenue. Due to huge demand and non-availability of land in the existing Shanakani Dar-E.P.Z (Export Processing Zone), the Gwadar Development Authority announced this project at Karwaat area in Gwadar. This Govt. Project is consisting of 2000-acres of land for industry purpose at the cost of Rs 15 lakh per acre. In 1st Phase Govt. of Balochistan has only allotted 1000-acres land for industrial purpose and its 2nd Phase is kept for expansion in future.

Gwadar Industrial Estate Map



The procedure of initial application was simple. But, presently there are NO New allotments taking place. Individuals interested to apply for the plot were supposed to submit an application to the PROJECT DIRECTOR INDUSTRIAL ZONE GWADAR. The authority issued them an application form, which was filled and returned to the Project Director with a pay order of Rs one lakh down payment. The approved applicants have to pay remaining amount in 8 equal installments (each installment is 01 lakh 75 thousands).

It is another superb project by Govt. of Balochistan. 1st One was Sangar, 2nd Newtown and this Free port Industrial Estate is the 3rd Government Project. We suggest investors to make investments in this Industrial Estate, for better prospects and business avenues. The project is secure, and much more economical than any other Private Industrial schemes announced. GIE project is close to an early completion, and the shortage of Industrial/Warehouse plots has increased the Premium on the plots price. Industrialists, Investors who were initially allotted plots are now (Feb’07) asking 4-5 lakh Rupees premium on the booking price.

Magsi is the Project director, and his office is located at Sidco Avenue Centre, Stanchen Road, opposite YMCA Karachi. Consultant Group is again here, and it is the same consultant who is doing development at Sangar. Development work is going on at full pace, and NOC’s for various Industrial units are being issued.


Gwadar Industrial Estate
Work in Progress

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