No one can predict about the future of anything. Almighty ALLAH knows better about tomorrow. But one can plan for it to get the better future. Having said that all present indicators, Governments interests, China’s investments, foreign countries keen interests, and mega developments that have taken place recently at Gwadar all points towards a very successful and economically strong city of Gwadar. A common man can think which things are needed for development and to boost the economy, that are; –

Water, electricity, Sui Gas, Telephone, Road links, communication, education, medical facilities, and political stability are the basic things to grow economy. Almost all things are there and present Gwadar is way much better then its past of 2001.

On the other hand all other facilities are being provided, Govt. is spending billions of dollars at Gwadar on Roads Development, Water Desalination plants for the population of  Gwadar,  Govt  is  already  constructing  Mirani  Dam  since  last  two  years.  After completion  of  it  there  will  be  no  problem  of  water  for  all  Makran  areas.  In communication sector PTCL is already there and many other private companies working there. Fiber Optic cable network has already been laid out along with the coastal highway from Karachi towards Gwadar city. In the upcoming months ISP’s and  Communication companies  will  start  providing  their  services  to  the  Residential  and  Commercial customers of the emerging tourist/business trade city. It is matter of understanding that Gwadar being a new born city will be in a much better shape in coming years. We too think that Gwadar future is bright and if people hold their investment in Gwadar for some period will surely gain big bucks. And its future will be much better then its present.

After stone breaking ceremony of Coastal High Way and Deep Sea Port, Gwadar took a turn, and diverted the attention of people/investors from all over the world. Land prices jumped up 100 times. Up till February of  2005 sale/purchase happened there about

40×100 km areas. Till date about 70 residential and commercial housing projects have been announced (Having GDA NOC) and Gov’t has also granted a huge amount of Rs 134 Billions for Gwadar’s development.

New Master that starts from Newtown Phase-I has the following High Potential and Hot Business Areas at start:

1)          Main Jinnah Avenue Road

2)          Airport Road

3)          West Bay sea side

4)          Governments Sangar Housing Scheme

5)          Governments Gwadar Industrial Estate

6)          Shankani  Dar  Industrial  Area  (close   to  Balochistan  Broadway/Coastal


All other areas of the GDA Masterplan do have the potential but it will take some time, but above stated areas will gain a lot of business soon after port is operational.