Before posting our comment about this project, it is necessary to understand its geographical location/importance of the hill (Koh-e-Batil). This hill is located on the south of Gwadar  (old town). Its  three  sides (east, west and south)  are surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Its dimension is 14 (km length) x2.5 (km width) x 280 (feet height) max. Being covered 3 sides by the sea, it provides a unique environment due to the following:-

(i)        During dust season no dust/sand can reach here.

(ii)       Its temperature always remain two degree lower than Gwadar town.

(iii) Due to its height and sea surrounding, one can enjoy breath in polluted free fresh air and can enjoy tremendous

sea view, and one of the best Sunset views in the world.

(iv) Being elevated shape each corner of this housing Project have clear sea view.

(v) Its three  sides are covered by the sea and only single  entrance lead to this hill, which is manned by security forces; therefore there is no problem of security in any circumstances.

(vi) Such kind of location can rarely be found in the whole Asian region.