We officially got a copy of GDA’s town planning regulation 2004. Few clauses of this document related to Sangar are being quoted for the information of GWADARCORNER.COM visitors, and general public.

Clause 676-A

(viii)      Existing plan of the Sangar Housing Scheme be revised keeping in view the town planning regulations of

Gwadar Master Plan and specific regulations formulated for Koh-e- Batail.

(ix)        The development charges  worked out for Sangar  Housing Scheme be rationalized to  sustain a viable development plan to be introduced by the sponsor.

(x)        Separate  desalination  plan  for  Sangar  housing  scheme  be  planned,   which  should  cater   for   the requirement of the remaining area of koh-e-batail as well.

(xi)        The existing approach roads of koh-e-batail may get chocked once the port starts functioning. Therefore another route is required to be planned from the west Bay side.

(xii)       All type of digging mud and mining of stone from koh-e-batail be banned.

The southern and south western tip of koh-e-batail is left open/green area for saving the area from pollution.