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  • Abu Turab Varaich
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    Aoa Awan sb! Firstly, I would say that it has been a pleasure for me to be a regular reader of this blog. It is a very vibrant platform for constructive discussion about Gwadar and CPEC. We, the readers, feel highly indebted to you for your efforts in this regard. Secondly, I need to ask you a few question:

    1) Work on runway of Gwadar airport is completed. Do you have any information that when direct flights from Lahore or Islamabad to Gwadar are being started?
    2) When ground breaking ceremony of New Gwardar International Airport is expected?
    3) Currently, what is the per acre price of landlocked open land in Qitaat 5 (Mouza Darbela Shumali) near Gwadar Gymkhana.
    4) In your estimation, how much the ground breaking ceremony of New Gwardar International Airport will impact the prices in Qitaat 5 of Mouza Darbela Shumali?

    Abu Turab Varaich

    Sufyan Jami
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    Yes, check out my website and contact me. http://www.gwadarland.org

    Thank you

    Javed Hussain
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    I would like to buy plot in Sanghar and New town project. I need small plot I mean 5 marla to 10 marla. can any one please respond to me. javed hussain.

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    A very informative discussion about the properties in Gawadar

    Awan Nazar
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    Kaiser Bengali is an economist and former advisor for planning and development to the Sindh chief minister.
    The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) does promise to be a game changer. It is a project of a magnitude that will change the economic geography of Pakistan. An earlier project of similar magnitude and impact was the Indus Water Works: the construction of the Mangla and Tarbela dams, along with thousands of kilometers of canals. Resultantly, two crops a year are now grown, where not a blade of grass grew and bustling towns exist in place of dusty landscapes. That was the 1970s and the beneficiary provinces were, largely, Punjab and Sindh. Now CPEC’s western route promises to be a similar harbinger of change for Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan.
    However, all projects have benefits and costs. CPEC, too, has its downsides and it would be necessary to identify them and adopt mitigating measures. At times, the mitigation of human and social costs are as important as the project itself. Much depends on how CPEC is executed. To what extent CPEC will be beneficial to Pakistan, will depend on how the component schemes are devised and implemented. Currently, data is scarce. However, there are 12 essential questions, the answers to which will help determine if CPEC will be a game changer or a ‘game over.’
    1.Has Pakistan prepared an overall CPEC feasibility?
    2.Has Pakistan prepared a CPEC Environment Impact Assessment?
    3.What is Pakistan’s share in Gwadar’s port revenues, if any?
    4.What is Balochistan’s share in Gwadar’s port revenues, if any?
    5.Is the Gwadar-Khunjerab Highway a toll road? If yes, what are the shares of provinces through which the Highway passes?
    6.What will be the (positive and adverse) impact of China’s Transit Trade on Pakistan’s manufacturing sector?
    7.What will be the impact of tax exemptions given to CPEC-related foreign imports on Pakistan’s manufacturing sector?
    8.What will be the (medium-and long-term) balance of payments impact of foreign exchange inflows (loans, foreign direct investment) and outflows (debt repayment, profit remittance)?
    9.What is the budgetary burden on Pakistan for protecting foreign road and sea convoys?
    10.What percentage of the security units, being raised for CPEC-related protection, is recruited from the districts through which the Gwadar-Khunjerab Highway passes?
    11.What is the water provision plan for Gwadar? If desalinated, what is the financing plan to cover the high cost?
    12.Is there a plan to ensure that Gwadar does not become a Baloch-minority city?

    Awan Nazar
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    New Gwadar Intl. Airport is a joint venture between Pakistan, Oman and China. The Sultanate of Oman provided USD17.5 million for the airport project, while China plans to invest USD662 million for land development, sea port and airport works in and around Gwadar. Pakistan plans to develop the new facility on a 4300-acre land plot 14km away from the existing Gwadar International Airport. The China Communications Construction Company has been awarded the USD246m project, which is expected to be complete within a 30-month period.

    New Gwadar Airport plans to begin construction from Sep-2017 and is expected to be completed between two and three years. The airport will be capable of handling widebody aircraft.

    Meanwhile Govt. is extending the Runway of existing Airport to be able for landing of big A/C. So that flight operation could be started from Lahore and Islamabad( direct to Gwadar instead via Karachi).

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    Awan Nazar
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    There are news that Govt. is going to extend the runway of existing Gwadar Airport to facilitate the landing of big aircraft. Presently only ATR type aeroplan can land there. For this purpose Gwadar Airport work will start from 1st july to 31 july this year. After that people from islamabad and Lahore will direct fly to Gwadar instead via Karachi.

    Awan Nazar
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    Gwadar property business is slow since April 2017. There is no such reason of slowing down property business in Gwadar. There are some problem in Newton Phase-4(plots with out map), hopefully after computerizing its complete data and map, ban will be lifted. As such there is no problem at Sangar like wise Newtown. Still prices are high even few buyer are there.
    Two main things are the main reason of slowing property in Gwadar. 1st New master plan, 2nd stone breaking of Gwadar airport and East Bay.
    GDA is carrying out work on new master plan. GDA has already invited tender for the topographic survey of Gwadar Master plan, which will cover an area of 1193 sq/km, its mean it will cover all area from Jiwani road to Kapper. Most of buyer are reluctant to buy open land till finalization of Master plan. But after that prices of land will be different.I would like to mention here that prices of land are already very high as compare with other parts of Pakistan.
    Gwadar new Airport stone breaking ceremony will took place in next quarter( probably in September this year). There will be hike in prices of plots after the announcement of stone breaking date.
    All the owner of plots in Sangar and newtown (plot on map) must hold their plots till the announcement of airport breaking ceremony.

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