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  • Awan Nazar
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    Gwadar real estate business is slow, reason of this is political situation in Pakistan. GDA did a lot development work in Gwadar. Privates housing project badly failed to deliver the develop plot to the investor. GDA is not developing a single own housing project in Gwadar.
    Sangar and Newtown and GIEDA, Batail, Manbar etc are projects that are under the control of DC Gwadar and he is project director.
    As such there is no problem in Sangar but in Newtown have land dispute due to that map is delayed. Matter is under investigation by NAB.
    CPEC project is not limited to Islamabed where record is burnt.China is working on it and there is no stoppage of funds by china.
    It is true that a number of anti CPEC groups in and out of country are working to create hindrance but no one will success.

    Jamshid Ali
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    Aoa. Brother Yaseen, you had rightly said GDA ‘s New Town is responsible for all illegal and corrupt practices. They do these to benefit their blue eyed ones. New Town’s administration has banned transfer and not disclosing full map because they issued files in abundance to their blue eyed, an example of nepotism and corrupt practices . Now there is rumour that the New Town’s administration is reducing files size of the undisclosed map. This act will harm and victimize the genuine file holder and will be beneficial to the mal and illegal practices. will there be any one who can raise these problems to the higher ups and anti-corruption departments (NAB, FIA) so that the innocent people may not be deprived of their hard earned money and punish the culprits?

    Muhammad Yaseen
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    Dear Awan sab, please quote reasons for slow business of real estate at Gwadar. When will GDA be held responsible for all flaws in Government schemes such as till date delay in possession & construction of Sangar Housing Scheme, ban on transfer in & no disclosure of remaining map of New Town Housing Scheme and NOCs issue to private housing especially category B? I view the hell is played by GDA with the public.

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    Brother, don’t worry. No one can burn or destroy CPEC record. As caches of these records are saved in hard as well as soft format. Further their replicas might be available at other places. The destine of CPEC is reality and success. For national cause together we all should encounter the anti-CPEC sentiments and their rumours.

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    Now what will you say after CPEC record burned in Islamabad ??

    Awan Nazar
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    Its not true that china has blocked the fund of CPEC project. It is a remour. How ever there are some other reason to slow down the real estate business in Gwadar. All CPEC projects are on way as per plan. No worry.

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    AoA !

    There is a rumor that due to corruption scandals in CPEC projects , Govt. of China has blocked all the CPEC funds including new Airport untill investigations done .
    Is this True ?

    Awan Nazar
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    AOA, thanks Varach Sb. Old Airport runway extension work is completed and Airport is in operation. Authority have extended Runway about half kilometer and widen it. About operation of flight from other airport still not started, hopefully it will be started soon.
    2nd New Gwadar Airport stone breaking ceremony was due in sep this year. But still date is not announced.
    3rd The prices of open land in Derbella shumalli are 6 to 10 lakh per acre.
    4th After the stone breaking ceremony of new Gwadar Airport, price will be minimum three time higher as compare to present prices in nearby location i.e Derbella Shummali.

    Abu Turab Varaich
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    Aoa Awan sb! Firstly, I would say that it has been a pleasure for me to be a regular reader of this blog. It is a very vibrant platform for constructive discussion about Gwadar and CPEC. We, the readers, feel highly indebted to you for your efforts in this regard. Secondly, I need to ask you a few question:

    1) Work on runway of Gwadar airport is completed. Do you have any information that when direct flights from Lahore or Islamabad to Gwadar are being started?
    2) When ground breaking ceremony of New Gwardar International Airport is expected?
    3) Currently, what is the per acre price of landlocked open land in Qitaat 5 (Mouza Darbela Shumali) near Gwadar Gymkhana.
    4) In your estimation, how much the ground breaking ceremony of New Gwardar International Airport will impact the prices in Qitaat 5 of Mouza Darbela Shumali?

    Abu Turab Varaich

    Awan Nazar
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    CPEC a most precious project and Pakistani politics
    Gwadar which is the part of Pakistan since 1958 is still facing problem to give benefit of its geographically location and deep sea water. Up-till 90s non of the govt. give attention to it. PMLN during their 2nd Govt. tenure carried out the survey of coastal highway and feasibility report of gwadar deep sea port. Unlucky they do not start work on it.
    There after Perwaiz MUsharaf started work on coastal highway and Gwadar deep sea port. Beside putting operational coastal highway , Gwadar port 1st three berth completed and ready for operation in 2006.
    Unluckily there after work on port become slow and Perwaiz Musharaf also went in political pressure due to one or the other reason. Gwadar project went in cold storage for next 12 years. This gap of 12 years is not recoverable.
    Now the China and Pakistan both agreed to work on CPEC. A project that will give lot of benefit to China beside giving financial benefit to Pakistan.
    Any body agree or not, credit of this goes 1st to PMLN and then Pakistan Army. Project gives lot of benefit in energy and road network. Motorway is going to be completed in near future from KPK to karachi and Kashger to Gwadar. A major network of road is under way. After completion of this network, the journey will be easy , cheap and time saving.
    China has give the grant for the construction of Gwadar Airport. Stone breaking ceremony of which was expected in sep. this year.
    Beside CPEC PMLN has given the nation other wonderful projects, i.e Metro bus service in Lahore and Islamabad, Orange train in Lahore and Green metro bus service in Karachi. Usually we say that it is loss of money but ask this question who daily travel via this comfortable cheap journey.
    The no 1, problem in Pakistan was load shedding. If you see the project near completion up-till June 2018, you can expect the end of load shedding by the end of next year.
    All was going fine but suddenly what happened Prime Minister disqualified with the order of supreme court. I am in favour of Supreme Court decision. I think this case may be decided on merit. If there is corruption then give the examplery punishment. But if in case the case is prolonged or decided in favour of PMLN then who will be responsible of the loss that we get in the delay of on-going and newly development projects.
    My request to all political parties to see the things not as per their own wishes but in the larger interest of the nation. My request is to Mian Nawaz Sharif that he defend his case in the court but not on the road.

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