In 1992, at the time of launching this project all planning was made keeping in view the then circumstances, therefore streets width is only 33 feet whereas other link roads are 66 feet and Main Ring road is 132 feet. Water was planned to  manage  from  Akra  Kor  Dam,  development  charges  were  charged  according  to  then  planning.  After  new development of port, the plan has changed, and now it is decided 2-4

that there will be underground electrification, Ring road  which  is already  constructed  will  be  re-constructed  keeping  in  view  the present needs, now it will be dual carriage road. Instead of getting water from Akra Kor Dam, it is decided to manage water from own resources from sea by doing the installation of desalination plant. All   these    new   developments                               need   huge    expenditure   for development.

To overcome extra expenditure  additional development charges have been asked from allottee, which are about Rs 300/- per sq/yd for residential and Rs 400/- per sq/yd for commercial. Although it will be difficult for those allottees, who got a plot just making the payment of Rs 55000/- for 1000 sq/yd residential plot but there is no other option except doing the payment of said charges because now  plot price is  above  50 lakh, and  we think these additional

development charges  are  justified. Since 1997, there is no further development in this project but now Management is taking action and is doing the arrangements for water and electricity so that all allottees could start the construction work. Although the Management published ads in the newspaper which is quoted here. “


By 26th day of July, 2006: Project Director of the scheme has warned that if within this period if the construction works are not started then Non- Utilization Fee will be charged and plots could be cancelled.”