Port work was started in March 2002, and its Phase-I was completed in March 2005. Due to delay in finalizing ports operation contract, and to complete the other required civil infrastructure works its inauguration which was due in March 2005, got delayed. Now the Port operator contract is awarded to a Singapore Company (Port Singapore Authority) and inauguration date is announced, hopefully it will take place well before the announced date of 23rd March 2007.

Expected date of inauguration for the Gwadar Free Trade Port is 20th March 2007. President, alongwith Prime Minister of Pakistan, and China’s communication Minister will do the honors. Sources in Gwadar tell that all concerned departments are fully engaged to complete their job and to prepare the port for Inauguration. Representative of Singapore has already taken control of ports operation and assets.

What will be the expectation after ports inauguration? We think this question will be in the mind of each Pakistani and investor. Soon after the Inauguration, there will not be enough business because still many things are required to do. i.e. road link to Rato Daro which is being constructed in four sections, most of the road black top work is completed, but still work on many bridges is going-on, it

is expected this work will be completed soon and road link with main highway will be available. It will be a huge achievement, and we can say that

1st time gwadar through road link will be connected with Punjab and NWFP.

The other main thing which will be needed is Port express way (Demi Zer), which starts from port and will meet at main coastal road near Surbander having length of 14 kilometers. This road is on the east of Gwadar along the beach and goes around the Koh e Medhi muddy hill. Land acquiring by Government for this purpose is already in the process, and related Notices have been issued to the Public.


Notification No 1018-28 dated 20th Dec’06:

1100 Acres in Shanakani Dar and Surbandar in following Khasras:-

Shankani Dar 269 acres  (For Creation of National Logistics Cell – NLC)

Khasra No 246 min, 146 min 247min 145, 248 144 min 244 min

Surbandar 831 acres  : 59/1, 59/2 and 59/3


Notification No 1043-55 dated 20th Dec’06: (For Port Expressway)

77 acres for Expressway- Navy Ward;- 7 acres 3 min, 23 min, 20/1, 12 min, 29 min, 12/1 min 28


Door Ghetti 26 acres : 176 min, 177 min, 295 min 207 min, 209 min,173 min, 174 min, 171 min,

93 min, 186 min, 97 min, 172 min, 178 min,

Shankani Dar 27 acres  : 246 min, 236 to 239 min and 244 min.

Surbandar 15 acre: 59/9 min, 59/4 min, 59/11 min


The 3rd thing which is most important is the availability of warehouses; a few of them are now under construction at Gwadar Industrial Estate (GIE). Hopefully, many from public sector will construct such accommodation on land closely available with the port.  Overall if things go in the right direction, then the Gwadar Free Trade ports operation will be in full swing within a period of

1-2 years. However, transit facilities will be available and this work will start soon after inauguration. The investors who had already managed the land in nearby vicinity to construct the ware houses will be benefited. Although land close to the port is costly but after ports operation warehouses will be needed close to the port. (i.e areas like Shanakani Dar)