Every one who visited Gwadar before 2001,  know well that there was nothing to see except beautiful sea, desert and Gwadar town which was way backward than any of the undeveloped  villages  in  Punjab.  There  was  no  regular  electricity  in  the  past  except through generators, and it was arranged for ten hours in a day. There was no Mettled road in the whole district Gwadar except 13-kilometer road which too was in bad condition being many creators on it. There was no proper traveling system to reach Karachi or other parts of the country except by air. If anyone who wanted to go to Karachi or any other parts of the country and couldn’t afford air travel had to travel on improper roads. One can imagine how miserable it is to travel about 600 kilometers on kacha road in desert. And incase of rain it took many weeks. All eatable items come there from Iran.  There was no proper system of education, hospital or employment.  The One, and only source of income was fishing. The people of all Makran area were living in miserable condition, whereas the people living in urban areas cannot think about it.